54 Easy Blogging Niches with Low Competition In [2023]

54 Easy Blogging Niches with Low Competition
• By Chris Manson
• Updated June 13, 2023

Are you struggling to find a unique niche for your blog or marketing website?

Don't despair! We have a solution that will help you stand out from the crowd.

This essential guide will prevent you from failing before you start, assuring your success!

We have thoroughly researched 54 easy blogging niches with low competition for 2023, allowing you to become an expert in a field that hasn't been saturated.

Get ready to be inspired and discover the perfect niche for your next successful blog!

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What Do We Mean By “Blog Niche”

A niche is a particular subject or field of expertise that a blogger writes about on their blog.

Bloggers need to choose a niche they are knowledgeable and passionate about, as this can help them produce high-quality content and attract a loyal audience.

To illustrate, if you're passionate about cars, that would be your blog's niche.

It's important to note that a blog niche differs from a blog topic.

A blog topic is relevant to a particular keyword or specific subject that you'll be writing about in your blog.

For instance, if your blog niche is cars, your blog topics may include "Top 10 Electric Cars of 2023," "How to Maintain Your Car's Engine," and "Best Car Accessories for Road Trips."

What is Micro Niche?

niches with low competition-Micro Niche

In blogging, a "micro-niche" refers to a specific, narrow topic within a more significant niche.

For example, "fitness" is a broad niche, but "yoga for pregnant women" is a micro-niche within the more substantial "fitness and health niche".

Micro-niche blogging can be beneficial for several reasons, including:

  • Lower competition: By focusing on a specific area, you'll face less competition from other bloggers covering broader topics.

  • Targeted audience: Your content will be more relevant and valuable to a specific group of people, which can help you attract and retain a loyal audience.

  • Higher conversion rates: With a more targeted audience, you're more likely to convert readers into subscribers or customers.

Micro-niche blogging can be an excellent way for bloggers who want to become known as experts in a specific field and gain a loyal following to do so.

Why Do New Bloggers Need To Have An Specific Micro Niche?

New bloggers need a specific micro-niche to help them stand out in a crowded blogging niche market and establish themselves as experts in a particular area.

Here are just a few words on some reasons why having a specific micro-niche is essential for new bloggers:

  • Easier to create content: By focusing on a specific area, you'll have a clearer idea of what content to create, making blog posts and other content much more accessible. It will also be easier to find relevant keywords in these niches with low competition

  • Attract a targeted audience: By targeting a specific group of people with your content, you're more likely to attract an engaged and loyal audience interested in what you say.

  • Monetization opportunities: By targeting a specific niche, you'll have a better chance of identifying and taking advantage of monetization opportunities, such as affiliate marketing or sponsored content.

  • Where possible always try to choose an "evergreen niche" with not a lot of competition.

    for example, woodworking, and self-meditation, can all be practiced all year round.

  • However, if you choose to have a blog based on Skiing, it would be only popular in winter!

Profitable Blog Niches

Here are some of the most profitable niche markets and niches for blogging:

  • DIY

  • Personal Development

  • Health And Fitness

  • Making money online

  • Technology

  • Food

  • Traveling

  • Psychotherapy

  • Gardening

  • Pets

  • Personal Finances

These are some of the most profitable niches, and sub niches where your target audience will spend money.

However, these lucrative other niches are often more crowded.

This is why we are breaking down 54 low-competition sub niche ideas for you. Let’s explore!


niches with low competition-DIY

1. Upcycling furniture: Has low competition focusing on reusing and repurposing old furniture to give it a new life.

2. DIY home decor: This helps the blogger to provide tutorials and tips on how to make your home decor items such as picture frames, home office equipment,  wall hangings, and vases.

3. DIY fashion: In this niche, a blogger uses DIY techniques to create unique and personalized fashion pieces, such as jewelry and clothing.

4. DIY beauty: Providing

tips for making beauty products at home, such as face masks, scrubs, and lotions.

5. DIY woodworking: One can provide tutorials and tips on woodworking projects, such as building shelves, tables, and chairs.


  • The Spruce Crafts - is a niche website that provides a variety of DIY tutorials, including paper crafts, knitting, and woodworking.

  • A Beautiful Mess - a blog that covers a wide range of DIY topics, including home decor, fashion, and beauty.

Monetization Methods:

  • Affiliate marketing for tools and materials

  • Sponsored content from brands

  • Monetizing through display ads

  • Selling digital or physical products (e.g., patterns, plans, guides)

Personal Development

most profitable niches, niche ideas-personal development

6. Mindfulness and meditation: Showing people how to practice mindfulness and meditation to improve mental well-being.

7. Career development: Providing career growth, job hunting, and networking advice and tips.

8. Personal finance: Providing tips and strategies on managing personal finances, such as saving, making money, investing, and budgeting.

9. Goal setting: Helps people in setting and achieving personal goals, such as fitness or career goals.

10. Self-care: Helps people to improve their physical and emotional health through exercise, healthy eating, and stress management.

11. online dating: This niche provides a low-competition niche, making it an excellent starting place for people looking to work from home.

This niche earns more than most others, making it a good investment for people looking for a more flexible work environment.


  • The Muse - a website that provides career advice, job search strategies, and workplace insights.

Monetization Methods:

  • Creating and selling online courses or e-books

  • Offering coaching or counseling services

  • Affiliate marketing for relevant books and courses

  • Sponsored content from brands in the personal development space

  • Hosting live events or workshops

Health And Fitness

fitness and health niche-profitable niche

12. Plant-based diets: Promoting a diet based on plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

13. Mind-body practices: Including techniques such as yoga and tai chi, which focus on improving physical and mental health.

14. Strength training: Helping people in building muscle and strength through weight lifting and resistance training, and reviewing the best sports equipment for the job.

15. Senior fitness: Provides guidance on fitness and exercise for seniors, including low-impact workouts and stretching routines.

16. Fitness for busy professionals: Giving tips on staying fit and healthy for people with busy schedules.


  1. Precision Nutrition - a website that provides nutrition coaching, gluten-free food recipes, and fitness advice.

  2. MyFitnessPal- a blog that provides fitness tips, healthy recipes

Monetization Methods:

  • Monetizing through ads 

  • Creating and selling workout plans or nutrition guides

  • Offering personal training or coaching services

  • Affiliate marketing for fitness equipment, supplements, or other health-related products

Making Money Online

 niche ideas-make money online

17. Affiliate marketing: Teaching people how to make affiliate income and earn money online by promoting other products through affiliate links.

18. Online courses and e-books: This focuses on creating and selling digital products such as online courses and e-books.

19. Passive income: Providing ideas and strategies for making money by generating passive income streams, such as investing and renting out properties.

20. YouTube marketing: Helps bloggers grow and monetize their channels through ads and sponsorships.

21. Social media marketing: Bloggers can provide tips and tricks on how to use social media platforms to grow online businesses and increase engagement making money online too.


  • Smart Passive - a blog run by Pat Flynn that covers various topics related to online business and passive income.

  • Neil Patel - a website that provides a wealth of information on digital marketing, including affiliate marketing, SEO, and social media marketing.

Monetization Methods:

  • Affiliate marketing for online business tools and courses

  • Offering consulting or coaching services for online business owners

  • Selling digital products related to online business and entrepreneurship  (e.g., courses, ebooks, guides)

  • Sponsored content from relevant brands

  • Monetizing through display ads or sponsorships on your website


profitable niches with low competition-Technology

22. Wearable technology: This sub-niche focuses on integrating technology with fashion, including wearables such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and augmented reality glasses.

23. Tech reviews: A sub-niche site where a blogger can review the latest technology products, such as smartphones, laptops, and gaming consoles.

24. Artificial intelligence (AI): This sub-niche focuses on the advancements and applications of AI, including machine learning, natural language processing, and robotics.

25. Smart home technology: A sub-niche that provides information and reviews on the latest smart home gadgets, including voice-activated assistants, smart thermostats, and home security systems.


  • TechCrunch - a website that covers the latest tech news and reviews on various topics, including AI, cybersecurity, solar energy products, and smart home technology. 

  • Gizmodo - a blog that provides news and reviews on different technology products, including wearable technology, smartphones, and laptops.

Monetization Methods:

  • Sponsored content from tech companies

  • Affiliate marketing for tech products and services

  • Offering consulting or IT services

  • Creating and selling software or tech products

  • Monetizing through display ads or sponsorships on your website.


profitable niches with low competition-food

26. Healthy eating: A sub-niche that provides information about healthy food choices, including recipes and meal planning tips.

27. Baking: This sub-niche provides baking tips, tutorials, and recipes, including cakes, bread, and pastries.

28. Vegetarian or vegan: A sub-niche that caters to vegetarians or vegans by providing recipes and meal plans that exclude meat and animal products.

29. Food photography: In this sub-niche, bloggers can provide tips and tutorials on how to take beautiful food photos and style them.

30. Ethnic cuisine: This sub-niche provides recipes and information about traditional dishes from different cultures.

31. Budget cooking: A sub-niche that provides tips and recipes for cooking on a budget, including meal planning, shopping, and cooking techniques.

32. Food history: This sub-niche provides information and stories about the history of food and its cultural significance.


  • Pinch of Yum - A food blog that provides recipes, tutorials, and resources for healthy eating and food photography.

  • Smitten Kitchen - A blog on home cooking with recipes, tutorials, and stories about food and family.

Monetization Methods:

  • Sponsored posts from food brands or products

  • Affiliate marketing for cooking utensils, kitchen gadgets, or food products

  • Display advertising through Google AdSense or other ad networks

  • Creating and selling e-books or digital courses on cooking and recipes

  • Offering cooking classes or workshops online or in person for a fee


profitable niches with low competition-traveling

33. Luxury travel: This sub-niche caters to travelers looking for upscale experiences, including luxury accommodations, fine dining, and spa treatments.

34. Budget travel: A sub-niche that provides tips and advice for traveling on a budget, including budget-friendly destinations, transportation, and accommodations.

35. Food tourism: A sub-niche that focuses on the culinary experiences that travelers can have while exploring new places, including food tours, cooking classes, and food festivals.

36. Cultural tourism: This sub-niche provides information and tips for travelers who want to immerse themselves in local culture, including festivals, museums, and historic sites.


  1. Lonely Planet - A travel guide website that provides information, recommendations, and tips for travelers, including destination guides, accommodations, and activities.

  2. The Blonde Abroad - A travel blog focusing on solo female travel, with destination guides, budget travel tips, and accommodations and activities recommendations.

Monetization Methods:

  • Sponsored posts from travel companies, airlines, or hotels

  • Affiliate marketing for travel gear or products, such as luggage or travel guides

  • Display advertising through Google AdSense or other ad networks

  • Selling travel photography or videos to stock image sites or travel brands

  • Offering travel consulting or itinerary planning services for a fee


most profitable niches with low competition-Psychotherapy

37. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): A sub-niche that provides information about the most commonly used form of psychotherapy to identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors.

38. Psychodynamic therapy: This sub-niche provides information and resources on the psychoanalytic approach that explores unconscious thoughts and emotions that may contribute to current issues and behavior patterns.

39. Trauma therapy: A sub-niche that provides information and resources for therapists and clients dealing with trauma-related issues, including PTSD, childhood trauma, and abuse.

40. Art therapy: In this sub-niche, bloggers can provide information and resources on using art as a form of therapy to explore emotions and promote healing.

41. Couples therapy: This sub-niche provides information and resources for couples dealing with relationship issues, including communication problems, infidelity, and sexual issues.

42. Group therapy: A sub-niche that provides information and resources on therapy in a group setting, including support groups, group psychotherapy, and psycho-education groups.


  1. Psychology Today - A website that provides information and resources on psychology and mental health, including a directory of therapists and articles on various psychotherapy topics.

  2. Good therapy  - A website that provides information and resources on psychotherapy and mental health, including a directory of therapists and articles on various psychotherapy topics.

Monetization Methods:

  • Offering online therapy sessions or consultations for a fee

  • Creating and selling e-books or digital courses on mental health or wellness

  • Display advertising through Google AdSense or other ad networks

  • Affiliate marketing for mental health resources, such as books or online therapy platforms

  • Collaborating with other mental health professionals or wellness brands for sponsored content or partnerships


niches with low competition, profitable niche market-Gardening

43. Organic gardening: This sub-niche uses natural methods to grow plants and vegetables without pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

44. Container gardening: A sub-niche catering to those with limited space who want to grow plants and vegetables. This can include tips on growing plants in pots, window boxes, and other containers.

45. Indoor gardening: This sub-niche covers tips and tricks for growing plants inside the house, including low-light plants, hydroponic gardening, and container gardening.

46. Urban gardening: A sub-niche that caters to people who live in cities or urban areas and want to grow plants in small spaces, such as balconies, rooftops, and community gardens.

47. Herb Gardening: This sub-niche caters to those who want to grow herbs for cooking, medicinal purposes, or fragrance.

It can include tips on growing herbs indoors or outdoors and how to use them in various recipes.

48. Landscape design: A sub-niche that covers tips and tricks for designing a beautiful and functional garden, including choosing the right plants, creating focal points, and incorporating hardscaping elements.


  • The Spruce: Gardening - a website that covers a wide range of gardening topics, including vegetable gardening, landscaping, and container gardening.

  • Gardenista - a website that focuses on garden design and features articles on everything from garden tours to plant guides to product recommendations.

Monetization Methods::

  • Selling gardening tools or supplies through affiliate marketing

  • Sponsored content from gardening or outdoor brands

  • Display advertising through Google AdSense or other ad networks

  • Creating and selling e-books or digital courses on gardening tips and techniques

  • Offering gardening consultations or landscape design services for a fee.


profitable niche, google trends-pets

49. Pet behavior: A sub-niche that helps pet owners understand their pets' behavior, including training tips and advice for dealing with behavioral issues.

50. Pet health: This sub-niche focuses on pet health and wellness, providing information on nutrition and preventative care.

51. Pet accessories: A niche for pet products that helps pet owners choose the best pet accessories, and pet products, including collars, leashes, and toys.

52. Pet travel: This sub-niche can provide advice for pet owners on how to travel with their pets, including pet-friendly hotels, airline policies, and safety tips.

Examples :

  • Petful - a website that covers a wide range of topics related to pet health, behavior, and care. It includes articles, videos, and podcasts to educate pet owners.

  • The Conscious Cat- The site is dedicated to cats, recognizing their requirements and helping owners get the right information.

Monetization Methods

  • Selling pet-related products or services through affiliate programs and earning a commission for each sale.

  • Partnering with pet-related brands to promote their products or services on the blog or social media channels in exchange for payment.

  • Display advertising through Google AdSense or other ad networks targeted at pet owners

  •  Offering pet-related services such as dog walking, pet sitting, and grooming for a fee.

Personal Finances

niche market, profitable niche, niche ideas-personal finances

53. Frugal living: This sub-niche focuses on ways to save money and live a more simple and sustainable lifestyle, such as tips for meal planning, reducing utility bills, and finding deals and discounts. Read More: 39 Frugal Living Tips To Kill Inflation In [2023]

54. Side hustles and entrepreneurship: This sub-niche can provide information on how to earn extra income through side hustles and starting a business, including tips on marketing strategy, branding, and financial planning.

Read More: 27 Best Side Hustles For Men To Make Quick Money [2023]


  • The Penny Hoarder - a website that covers a variety of topics related to personal finance, including budgeting, credit, and saving money.

  • It also includes job opportunities, work-from-home, and entrepreneurship articles.

  • NerdWallet - a website that offers personalized advice and tools to help individuals make informed financial decisions.

  • It includes information on credit cards, personal loans, insurance, and investment products and provides calculators and guides to help with financial planning.

Monetization Methods:

  • Sponsored content from financial institutions or brands, such as fintech startups

  • Display ads on the blog and earn revenue based on clicks or impressions.

  • Offer premium content, tools, or resources to subscribers for a fee.

  • Create and sell courses on various aspects of personal finance, such as budgeting, investing, or debt reduction.

  • Offer referral programs to incentivize readers to refer new subscribers or customers to your blog or related products/services.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts-infographics-man thinking in background is blue sky,birds,trees.

In a world where blogging has become widespread, standing out from the crowd may seem impossible.

But fear not, the key to success, lies in finding your most profitable niche. And not just any niche, but one that is profitable, but has a low competition with a high search volume.

Fortunately, this list of 54 easy blogging niches with low competition will help you to get started. 

By diving deep into your passions and interests, conducting thorough niche research, and utilizing the right tools, you, too, can uncover that hidden gem.

It's like finding a rare gemstone in a sea of pebbles—it may take time, effort, and a bit of digging, but the payoff can be mind-blowing.

So, remember that with persistence, creativity, and a bit of luck, you too, can find your blogging success in 2023.


FAQ frequently asked-questions, infographic yellow words FAQ, on blue pink background with -transparent question mark.

How do you find profitable niches with low competition?

To find a good niche or a profitable niche market with high demand and low competition, you can:

  • Use various tools to get keyword suggestions, such as Google Search, Google Trends, Google related searches, google keyword planner, google suggest Semrush, Ahrefs, Keysearch, and BuzzSumo
  • Conduct market research to identify the gaps and demands in the market that have not been met yet.
  •  Additionally, you can analyze potential niches' relevant keyword ideas, search volume, and CPC (cost per click) to determine their profitability.

What is the most important part of picking a blogging niche? 

The most important part of picking a blogging niche is selecting a topic you are passionate about and are interested in.

This will allow you to produce quality content that bonds with your target audience and establishes your credibility as a subject matter expert.

It's also important to consider the demand and competition for the niche, as well as the monetization potential of the niche.

What is a low-competition niche? 

A low-competition niche is a topic or industry with few niche competitors or a relatively small number of blogs or websites competing for the same target audience.

This less competitive niche can be advantageous for bloggers, as it allows them to establish a more substantial presence and gain more visibility in search results.

However, low-competition niches may also have lower traffic volumes and potentially lower revenue compared to high-competition niches.

What happens when competition is low?

When competition is low, fewer players in the market compete for the same audience.

This can present an opportunity for businesses to capture a much larger market or share of the market and gain a competitive advantage.

If you can find low competition niches it also means that it's easier to get search results that rank higher in search engines, which can increase traffic and visibility for the business or blog.

How does competition affect a niche? 

Competition can have a significant impact on a niche.

When there is a high level of competition, it can be more difficult for businesses to differentiate themselves and stand out.

This can result in low search volume, lower traffic, reduced visibility, and decreased revenue and profit potential.

How do niche markets attract customers?

Niche markets can attract customers by catering to their specific needs and interests.

By providing highly specialized products or services, niche businesses can offer their customers a more personalized and tailored experience.

Additionally, niche businesses can leverage social media, content marketing, and targeted advertising to reach and engage their ideal customers.

Building a solid brand and establishing credibility in the most profitable and lucrative niche markets can also help attract customers looking for expert advice and guidance.


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