PLR Assassin Review: Can It Save You Time and Money?

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• By Chris Manson
• Updated May 9, 2023

Finding PLR sites to make content creation easier is difficult, especially with so many new sites that seem to be popping up like mushrooms!

We have been doing extensive research to find the best PLR sites.

That's how we found PLR Assassin, which I have been using for about 5 months now, mainly for lead generation campaigns and checklist content.

So will PLR Assassins, save you time and money? Does it live up to the hype?

We will look at all of the products it has to offer and figure out who would get the most out of them.

 So keep reading this PLR Assassin Review to find out.

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What is PLR?

PLR stands for "private label rights," in which the creator provides a license to the buyer that permits the customer to use all or part of the product.

PLR products often come with resell rights, allowing the buyer to sell the product as their own.

Hence, a PLR product has an intellectual property license issued by the author through the sale. 

Private label rights also let the buyer modify existing material, customizing and selling it as if it were their own creation.

To make things more confusing there is also PR (personal rights) which allows you to consume the content personally, without selling or modifying it.

MRR (Master resale rights), means you can modify the product and sell it.

In contrast, RR (resale rights) means you can re-sell the product without modifying the product.

If you want to learn more about PLR, check this article- What is PLR content- The expert guide.

A Brief Overview of PLR Assassin

plr assassin review

PLR Assassin is a popular website that offers a vast array of PLR products. has over 12,000 different PLR items.

This platform is not a shop to buy individual items, but a membership site where you will pay for product access for a specific time. 

This PLR website has some of the top PLR software, PLR video material, and other professional PLR items available.

The company offers new PLR items every month, and they always guarantee outstanding quality.

There are several content categories to pick from, and the search function is simple. You will not have difficulty finding anything in your specialty.

The customer service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and support tickets are addressed on the same day.

The website also provides free PLR downloads, including professional advertisement software and free PLR eBooks. On the site, you can use hundreds of free products.

Once you become a member, you gain access to the membership area, where you can easily browse and download the available PLR products.

Types Of Products Covered By PLR Assassin

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The software provides some primary products: eBooks, audio, software, graphics, videos, and articles.

Other products available on PLR Assassin include eCovers, certificate designs, and hypnosis sounds. All of these are accessible under any license you desire.

Here's a basic rundown of what these products are:


It offers high-quality ebooks covering various niches and industries.

These are detailed guides and educational resources covering a wide range of topics. In other words, these are written books made available in digital format. 


plr assassin review-Audio

The platform also provides various audio items, including plr music products.

Additionally, you can find audio guides and motivational speeches that can enhance your personal or professional life.


You may use these programs and solutions to improve internet visibility and manage your organization's processes.

For instance, one program enables you to create eye-catching pop-up alerts that attract visitors and ensure they don't miss out on essential updates or deals while surfing your site.


plr assassins graphics

The solutions available can help you create all the graphics you need, including sales pages and promotional graphics for your online business.


The program offers diverse videos, such as tutorials, online courses, and informative clips.

These videos can be easily downloaded by members and used for various marketing purposes.

With a constantly updated video library, users will always have fresh videos to share with their audiences.


Ready-to-use PLR articles are available for blog posts, newsletters, and other content marketing requirements.

The topics covered vary from finances to marketing to self-care all kinds of free reports are available. 


PLR Assassin also provides product eCovers, allowing members to create professional and visually appealing designs for their digital products.

Who is PLR Assassin Best For?

• Content Creators: Offering editable plr rights content for their work assists content creators and freelancers with research and saves them time.

• Digital Marketers and Entrepreneurs: Any Digital marketer and online business owner can benefit from the time-saving and cost-effective solutions that PLR Assassin provides.

Digital marketing enthusiasts can use this to save time and target various niches while expanding their content library and giving their customers value. 

• Email Marketers: PLR Assassin offers content specifically designed for email marketing campaigns, helping you engage with your subscribers and effectively promote your products or services.

PLR Assassin Pricing 

plr membership sites pricing

Free Membership

The free membership option includes access to limited plr eBooks and articles.

This plan provides access to an essential collection of over 250 eBooks and articles, with new free plr products added weekly.

Key Features:

  • Over 250 essential eBooks and articles
  • New products are added weekly
  • Unlimited free downloads
  • Price: $0.00

VIP Membership Plan

It's a paid membership option. VIP members enjoy exclusive access to various high-quality products and marketing tools.

The content can be rebranded, reused, and sold under the VIP member's own brand.

Key Features:

  • Over 12,000 plr products to download
  • PLR of the week
  • Exclusive articles
  • PLR of the month
  • PLR Spotlight
  • Exclusive PLR eBook packages
  • 100mb/s download speed
  • Rebrand, re-purpose, and sell
  • Price: $19/month

Pros and Cons of PLR Assassin

The platform’s commitment to quality PLR products ensures that members receive top-notch content for their marketing projects.

By focusing on quality PLR, the platform sets itself apart from other PLR sites. But pros and cons are part of every product we review. 

So here are some of the main pros and cons of the platform:


  •  Wide variety of professional PLR products covering all categories, licensing types, topics, and niches.
  •  Instant Access to quality, professional, and high-quality PLR products.
  •  Efficient 24/7 priority support for all members.
  •  High standard of product quality, ensuring that members receive only the best content for their marketing needs.
  •  User-friendly interface, making it simple for members to find and access the content they need.
  •  Exclusive content for VIP members, including articles, PLR eBook packages, and special features like PLR of the week and PLR Spotlight.


  •  Absence of live product previews, requiring downloads to explore the content.
  •  Limited customization options for free plan users, as they can only access giveaway rights and cannot re-brand or re-purpose the content.
  •  Some low-quality products necessitate extra time to find suitable content; however, this is common across most PLR providers.
  •  Download limitations in the free plan, with a 2mb/s download speed that may slow down the downloading process for large files.

Alternatives to PLR Assassin

If you're still on the fence or want to satisfy yourself further, below are three worthy alternatives that you may like to check out.

PLR Hustle , BigProductStore and PLR.Me are PLR Assassin alternatives since they provide access to a wide choice of PLR content, cater to numerous categories, and offer membership options for customers with varying demands.

1.PLR Hustle: As an alternative plr websites, PLR Hustle offers a diverse range of products, such as eBooks, articles, software, and graphics, across multiple niches. Read PLR Hustle Review.

2.BigProductStore: The platform's extensive content collection and subscription packages ensure that customers have all desired options. Read the BigProduct Review

3.PLR. Me: provides great content and tools.
The website's simplicity simplifies content discovery and promotes quality content.

Plr. me accepts PayPal and credit/debit cards and has a FAQ, knowledge base, email, and social media customization and support. Read the PLR. Me Review.

PLR Assassin Review Final Thoughts: Can It Save You Time And Money?

Final Thoughts-infographics-man thinking in background is blue sky,birds,trees.

After testing and using PLR Assassin for the past 5 months, our final verdict on PLR Assassin?

Yes! PLR Assassin helps business owners, content writers, and digital marketers save time and money.

For content creators, digital marketers, and business owners, this stuff provides loads of content ideas, is good value, and is updated frequently.

The program lacks live previews, but its benefits outweigh the downsides.

Note: Choosing the correct membership package and items for your objectives is key to using the platform for content ideas.

So why not give PLR assassins content a go for your next project starting with the free membership plan ?


FAQ frequently asked-questions, infographic yellow words FAQ, on blue pink background with -transparent question mark.

How PLR works?

It works very simple. When you purchase a PLR product, we actually purchase its license to use it.

Essentially, the creator has given you the right to use their material by selling the license.

Can you earn cash by using PLR products?

Absolutely! PLR is totally worth it, and it's all about how you use it.

You can earn money online and thrive in the marketing world by utilizing these products effectively.


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