ThriveCart Review [2023]:⚠️Don’t Even Consider It before You read!

• By Chris Manson
• Updated May 7, 2023

 It is indeed a big decision in choosing a shopping cart software that's right for you.

I remember a few years ago when I had to make the same stressful decision of choosing a shopping cart for one of the first products that I had ever created.

So, should you even consider Thrivecart as your shopping cart?

For simplifying the process of selling goods and services online, many publications and forums, recognize Thrivecart as a top-tier choice among online shopping carts.

In this review, rest assured no stone will be unturned, we will give you all the relevant details and information so that you can confidently make the right choice.

ThriveCart-Create any Offer Your Business Needs

What is ThriveCart?

This robust payment software, or "shopping cart" is capable of selling physical and digital products, allowing you to take payments online in just a few clicks.

 Additionally, It gives you the benefit of being able to create online training and coaching courses. 

ThriveCart is essential for anybody who is looking to increase their sales revenue.

ThriveCart consists of two elements:

(1) ThriveCart- enables you to create and manage beautiful and reliable online shopping carts, checkout, and payment pages.

(2) ThriveCart Learn (since 2021)- An Online Course platform, that allows you to create and manage online course subscriptions and payment plans.

ThriveCart was originally Created in 2016 by Josh Bartlett and is a web-based cart software that helps you manage your online store to take customer payments for both physical & digital products.

Physical products like coffee mugs or digital products like eBooks and online courses are a breeze to sell with Thrivecart.

You can gather leads, create up-sells, and boost offers for your checkout pages to increase your revenue.

Additionally, it can manage subscription plans and segment your clientele into several different groups.

Thrivecart is an excellent option if you need to integrate with an online shopping cart.

It's great for first-timers who want something simple because it doesn't require coding experience.

Let's say you're looking into replacing your present shopping cart software with Thrivecart. You can take advantage of A/B testing, various autoresponder integrations, and visually appealing checkout templates.

Who Is Thrivecart For?

ThriveCart is an adaptable shopping cart that may be used in various settings. You can easily take advantage of ThriveCart if:

  • You manage a subscription website.
  • You want to create and sell online courses (ThriveCart learn & learn+)
  • You've got an online business, and you need to take online payments.
  • You market and sell subscription services that must be rebilled every month.
  • Assuming that you offer physical goods, that need to be organized for shipment.
  • you are selling informational products ( software, online courses, audio-books, eBooks, etc.)
  • You're the owner of a consulting firm.
  • You sell digital products.
  •  You sell physical products 
  • You run a digital marketing agency.
  • ThriveCart is also very popular among numerous other types of online stores.

Furthermore, ThriveCart may be ideal for you if you sell digital products as the site's architecture is tailor-made for digital products, like in online education courses. 

Additionally, it gives you access to powerful email marketing integration, allowing you to manage the distribution of your items.

Likewise, Thrivecart might be a handy tool if you have an online store.

The platform's primary focus is to streamline the purchasing process for online businesses.

In other words, the simpler the checkout process is, the more money they will make.

Finally, there are no unnecessary components or add-ons required to make the system functional.

The software contains all you need, including affiliate management features, to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts, on your business's bottom line.

Is ThriveCart Worth it?

Absolutely yes! After researching and testing it for (18 months) I firmly believe that ThriveCart, with all its superb features and ease of use, is without a doubt an excellent shopping cart.

With its one-time fee, accessing all the premium features for a lifetime, was simply a No-Brainer for me.

Thrivecart is an excellent cart solution offering everything I need to sell online.

At present, ThriveCart's pricing structure has given it the edge over its competitors.

ThriveCart is the only shopping cart solution that does not ask you to pay a monthly fee.

At the time of writing this ThriveCart review, they are offering the full lifetime license at only $495 and the pro at only $690, which cannot get any better.

So, is it worth it or not? this license gives you the following perks:

  • Unlimited lifetime license and account.
  • You pay only once, and there are no repeating fees.
  • Business insight reports dashboard, which is tailored to your business specifically. (I love this option)
  • Powerful AI system which records your customer's behavior and helps you develop- sales funnels. 
  • You could take advantage of their affiliate options (with the pro version only/paying option)
  • Fast and dedicated customer support.
  • And Much more.

So, what do you think of this online shopping cart system's perks, prices, and flexibility? I love it, and it is worth the price.

Let me know your thoughts at the end. But for now, let's get into the good stuff.

ThriveCart Main Product Features & Benefits:

In this part of the ThriveCart review, let's check some of its main features and benefits and how you can make the most of them. 

Two-step shopping carts

With the help of Thrivecart, you can transform your website into a fully functional e-commerce platform with lead generation features.

Remember that the value of the consumer data you acquire is doubled if you use it to close a sale.

Also, if a consumer abandons their shopping cart, you can still retarget them by emailing them reminders or other offers, how cool is that!

The platform's multi-step purchasing form is so powerful and will give you an edge, thanks to the One-click checkout page feature.

This  allows customers to quickly complete their purchase (people seem to be less patient today).

In contrast, a 2-step shopping cart requires the customer to provide additional details before finalizing the purchase.

Any person's name, phone number, mailing address, and email address could be included here.

Thrivecarts Works With Anything you Use..

After a customer's latest purchase, ThriveCart makes it easy to retarget them with suggestions even after they exit your site.

If this is done regularly, even if the cart is abandoned, it will allow you to increase your profits significantly, all directly from your checkout pages.

Modal carts

Another strength of Thrivecart is that it allows website owners to construct modal shopping carts.

A modal cart is a widget in the top right-hand corner that shows the status of your shopping cart e.g. what items you have, how many there are, cost, total, etc.)

The modal carts also enable you to tailor the shopping cart to your website's requirements.

Modal carts provide a fresh take on the standard shopping cart by providing a hover button that follows the user wherever they go on the site (Increase sales). 

Lastly, this feature allows them to add products to their cart without leaving their current browsing session.

Embeddable Carts & pop-ups

Another exciting option that I will discuss in this ThriveCart review is the embeddable carts and pop-ups.

It is more convenient to do transactions directly on your WordPress site.

ThriveCart gives you two options for integrating a shopping cart into your website (it need not be hosted on WordPress).

Likewise, the Embeddable shopping cart provides a code that may be embedded in a website's page.

A consumer can simply click a link on your website to bring up their shopping cart in a pop-up window.

Also, more steps are involved in this checkout process, but they are not a deal breaker.

Thrivecart's pop-up checkout forms and embeddable cart pages are two more great reasons to use the platform to sell your wares online.

Also, Thrivecart makes it simple to design and embed unique checkout experiences anywhere you need them.

In addition, these can be bookmarked as links for quick and easy use in social media or client sharing.

This is an excellent tool for bloggers, ensuring their readers stay on the page as they add items to the cart.

In addition, it enables online business owners to market and sells items without sending buyers to a third-party payment processor.

All things considered, using Thrivecart is an excellent option if you need a reliable and easy-to-use solution for building checkout pages that can be embedded in your website.

Video carts

A recent addition to ThriveCart is the ability to upload small mp4 videos as images to your cart.

This option is an excellent contemporary addition by the ThriveCart team. 

Also, videos are an excellent way to boost sales by portraying your products' enhanced visibility on your site's web pages.

ThriveCarts-Update Anouncement

One-click upsell & down-sell

The one-click upsell and down-sell tools that Thrivecart provides complementary product recommendations for customers at checkout are a fantastic way to boost sales.

For example, when you sell oil filters alongside mobile oil or a mobile phone screen protector alongside a phone case, you'll have a far higher chance of making a sale.

This is because most people like to purchase everything in one place for convenience.

So, you can see that Thrivecart can be used to your advantage by simply implementing creative marketing strategies, to get the most profit out of it.

ThriveCarts one-click upsell & down-sell funnels design.

Thrivecart High Converting Checkout Pages

Thrivecart's checkout pages aim to reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts. They're tweaked to perfection to make sales.

The process of developing checkout pages is simple. The platform provides you with a few well-optimized examples to work with.

To save time you can start with a tried and tested design using one of the available templates.

The use of the A/B test feature to fine-tune your shopping cart's checkout process, to see how different sales pages perform so that you can choose the one that gets the best results and profits.

A seemingly insignificant increase of one percent in conversions might result in thousands of dollars in additional income over time. And all that is made possible with the help of high-converting checkout pages and customizable checkout processes.

Online Shopping Cart Template Designs 

Each of ThriveCart's 4 high cart templates has been shown to increase conversions through extensive testing.

All the templates are easily customizable, and even less tech-savvy people can accomplish this with only a few clicks of their mouse.

One of the most outstanding features of ThriveCarts is the ability to create a one-click upsell and a beautiful bump offer (A bump offer is a supplementary offer that is presented alongside the offer already in the cart, so as to generate more profit on the checkout page)

There are four different layout options available:

• Tall one-step checkout page.

•Two-step checkout.

•Embeddable checkout pages.

•Popup checkout.

ThriveCart Review-ThriveCart Templates Examples.

Drag-And-Drop Template Builder

Thrivecart began offering a drag-and-drop builder for its checkout templates a few years ago. It simplified the system considerably, which was welcome.

Since most marketing digital or physical products now feature drag-and-drop builders, this revision was crucial. They're a great alternative to code-heavy constructors.

ThriveCart will still be flying high in 2023 and even beyond, thanks to this new addition. Moreover, ThriveCart currently has enabled complete page customization for shopping carts and landing pages for any company.

No longer will you need to hire expensive coders to improve your shopping cart pages.

Whatever your level of technical expertise, Thrivecart will help you make beautiful, practical designs in no time.

What Is ThriveCart Learn :

ThriveCart Learn is a complete online course platform, that was added to ThriveCarts in 2021, and it is completely FREE to use if already have ThriveCart.

This allows you to create your own digital courses online; by adding lessons and modules of any size, and even can include videos if desired.

ThriveCart Learn Dashboard-welcome to your course area-graphic.

Here are just a few things you can do with Thrivecart Learn:

• Create your course easily with the drag-and-drop builder

• Courses can be easily structured, to be "drip fed" or maybe in the form of membership if desired.

• The courses can be styled around your own personnel or corporate branding if wished.

• All pages are customizable- log-in and registration pages etc.

• There is even the possibility to release certain training lessons or a complete module e.g. after a pre-determined Trial Period or a certain programmed date.

ThriveCart Learn Plus (Paid):

Both Standard and Learn Plus plans are virtually illimited, unlike much of the competition for eg. no° of Courses, students, lessons, and modules.

Learn Plus is the paid version that allows you a few Powerful features such as Bundles, custom domains, team members, triggers and tags, and more.

ThriveCart Learn Plus Pricing:

The cost for a one-time Use For Life Fee is $195.

ThriveCart Integrations:

The various available integrations are another valuable feature of Thrivecart.

A wide variety of available connectors can streamline the way of maintaining your site and other marketing-related tasks and simplify the process of collecting payments.

thrivecarts intergrations 1- showing all intergrations from third party applications eg. zapier and mailchimp.
thrivecarts intergrations 2- showing morel intergrations from third party applications eg. getresponse, paypal, thrive architect, g-pay.

Webinar Platforms

Webinar hosting services can be an effective way to communicate with current and new clients and customers.

These enable you to get to know your audience better and provide them with something they won't get from any other product.

Demio, a well-known name among webinar platforms that provides marketers with simple and straightforward webinar software, is now compatible with Thrivecart.

Also, ThriveCart offers integration with many other membership platforms, thus proving itself an excellent host for third-party plugins.

But with Zapier, you can connect your webinar to any service you already use. So, if you're already using a different platform, you could easily connect if desired.

Payment Processors

A great and must-have quality of any shopping cart is the ability to integrate with multiple payment processors.

In addition to facilitating the acceptance of a wider variety of payment types, doing so will enable you to better meet the preferences of your target audience, which can increase conversions.

Besides supporting several payment gateways, ThriveCart's shopping cart software lets you pick the best one. Your checkout pages have never looked better.

ThriveCart is also working on further integrations with payment providers that allow direct bank transfers.

Finally, an e-commerce platform loses its charm without integrating multiple payment options. And ThriveCart does not fall behind in this area.

Some of the most notable payment gateways that ThriveCart supports are:

  • Paypal (most used payment gateway)

  • Authorize. net

  • Stripe

  • Apple Pay

  • Google Pay


Payment Type Models

The flexibility of this platform is very impressive in this respect. Thrivecart's built-in payment options mean you may accept various methods without installing additional programs or integrating with third-party services.

In addition to standard sales, other methods are possible:

  • New subscribers-daily, biweekly, monthly, or annually, the more options they have, the more likely they are to renew.

  • Repeated transactions are called recurring sales, which may result from items constantly updated with new articles.

  • Customers can try out your goods risk-free before committing to a subscription if you provide a free trial.

  • You can convert raw traffic into paying clients with a tripwire funnel and an attractive, low-price point introductory offer.

  • Customers will feel more comfortable purchasing from you since they can establish payment terms with the split payment option.

Membership Platforms

With ThriveCart, you can connect to the following membership management platforms:

  • Thrive, Apprentice.

  • MemberPress

  • WishList Member

  • Teachable membership platform.

  • OptimizeMember

  • LifterLMS

  • Thinkific

  • MemberMouse

  • Digital Access Pass

Email integrations

ThriveCart integrates various email services into your online store. It facilitates the users to connect and verify their accounts on your store. Also, it can help you create your sales funnel.

The software can be integrated with other programs, including email marketing, membership management, webinar hosting, online billing, and more.

ThriveCarts,Autoresponder, email intergration

Order fulfillment centers

A third-party service called a fulfillment center fulfills orders from your customers. You won't have to worry about packaging, or shipping each order because fulfillment centers handle everything for you.

Finally, ThriveCart keeps you updated and manages your fulfillment centers for you.

Zapier integration

While ThriveCart doesn't offer many integrations for webinar software, you can connect it to various other platforms via Zapier.

Also, the integrations they get are of astounding quality and speed of execution.

Thanks to Zapier's support, ThriveCart can be easily integrated with any of the hundreds of other apps in Zapier's ever-expanding library.

Finally, with ThriveCart, consumers have much more leeway and control over how the apps interact because of the platform's emphasis on deep integration.

Zapier-ThriveCart plus Upsales Intergrations

Affiliate Program Creation (Pro only)

In this ThriveCart review, we will also discuss Affiliate program creation which is only specific for users who have purchased the pro version of ThriveCart.

Additionally, because of my background in affiliate marketing, I have expertise working with merchants who rely on third-party cart software to oversee their affiliates and JV contracts.

Here, ThriveCart shines, since it provides affiliates with tracking IDs that they may include in their affiliate program links.

Thrivecart's ability to host affiliate networks is a big perk for online store owners. This built-in affiliate program might significantly boost sales, depending on your profit margins and the products you offer.

The issue is that many affiliate programs only allow marketers to use one universal URL, which means that a tracking ID cannot be connected.

However, ThriveCart offers an excellent option for selling goods through affiliates because it generates individual tracking stats for each affiliate.

So, other than being a valuable shopping cart, Thrive cart also acts as an excellent affiliate center to manage your affiliates' program.

This allows them to keep their affiliate IDs even if they sell your stuff elsewhere. As many of these as they require can be made.

It also facilitates tracking of affiliate contributions and traffic per channel.

In short, this built-in affiliate program will make your affiliate management a breeze, by using automation in your online business.

ThriveCart affiliate dashboard

Thrivecart Pricing

Put simply, ThriveCart offers a top-notch internet shopping cart system without recurring billing that enables all the features necessary to successfully manage an online business.

Compared to the standard monthly fee or subscription model used by most competitors, Thrivecart's lifelong access option is rare and was a no-brainer for me.

Let's compare the two packages Thrivecart has to offer:

ThriveCart Basic - $495 lifetime-list showing the advantages of ThriveCart.
 List of features Included in ThriveCart Pro.

Is ThriveCart pro worth it?

  This is one of the most frequently asked questions for this shopping cart software; the answer is yes and no.

Yes, if you have your own products that you want to promote through affiliates. For example, you could promote a digital or physical product through joint ventures and affiliate management systems.

With a pro version of ThriveCart, you can therefore get this affiliate marketing option, to be able to manage your “affiliate army” and their commission payouts, percentages, performance, etc.

In addition, there is the ThriveCart sales tax tool, which enables the simple sales tax calculation function (just a one-click download on google sheets for example, and you are all good)

There will be no need for other additional plugins, or the need to hire a marketing team to manage your affiliates - it is all done automatically with ThriveCart's pro version.

ThriveCarts-abandon cart automations, showing rule based automation feature..

Thrivecart pros and cons

Like any other shopping cart platform, Thrivecart has pros and cons. 


  • When it comes to ease of use, ThriveCart is an unparalleled shopping cart platform.

  • Offers top-notch service and assistance to customers.

  • Putting up bump offers on the checkout page.

  • It provides a fantastic platform for managing affiliate relationships.

  • ThriveCart is compatible with a wide range of subscription-based platforms.

  • ThriveCart is a low-cost option that requires no monthly fees.

  • With just three clicks, you may connect to your preferred email provider.

  • ThriveCart makes it simple to organize and implement a digital sales tax system.

  • Discounts and vouchers can be managed with further detail with ThriveCart.

  • Detailed reports in a user-friendly interface with filtering options.

  • Allows painless marketing automation implementation in response to common issues like abandoned carts, declined payments, lapsed memberships, etc.

  • It provides a central location for consumers to access their orders, subscriptions, etc.

  • Conveniently allows affiliates to advertise your products with a built-in affiliate network.

  • The ability to set up automatic renewals for memberships is a breeze, and it's compatible with several popular membership plugins.

  • Several fulfillment services are integrated with ThriveCart, making it a viable option for those selling physical goods.


  • Only 4 templates to choose from, but they are all very well designed.

  • No ASAP support for failed credit cards.

  • Limited customization options in certain areas.

Thrive Alternatives:

Here are a couple of relevant alternatives and comparisons to ThriveCart.

SamCart vs ThriveCart

There are a few essential differences between ThriveCart and SamCart, including but not limited to features, service, and pricing.

Concerning functionality, the two programs are again somewhat similar. Each of them offers click upsells with just one click of a mouse.

Also, they enable you to set up upsell offer funnels to sell one item after another and potentially down-sell a third product. Both of these sites bump offers.

And I wouldn't have to write any code with either of these options was a huge selling point.

However, based on the research I conducted before producing this review, ThriveCart has an advantage in specific ways like the ThriveCart pricing, bump offers, and flexibility.

Clickfunnels vs Thrive Carts

Many internet marketers use ClickFunnels because of the company's focus on developing conversion-focused marketing funnels.

Also, website owners can use ClickFunnels to construct digital and physical products sales funnels.

It is not a direct replacement for ThriveCart. ClickFunnels, on the other hand, has many of the same capabilities for example bump offers and is a decent alternative.

ClickFunnel's costly $97 monthly fee or yearly subscription fees are one of the platform's few drawbacks. Nonetheless, you can test the software with a free 14-day trial.

Finally, my preferred shopping cart has got to be ThriveCart, because of the checkout page customization, bump offers, sales tax reports, affiliate program management, one-click upsells, and the one-time fee for a lifetime license is a no-brainer for me.

The Showdown

ThriveCarts-Showdown, red words showdown-left cowboy on right, with back towards you.

I use personally use Thrivecart as a highly effective option for a powerful shopping cart solution. We appreciate the flexibility it gives us and how simple it is to set up and utilize.

It's a potent instrument because of its many functions, which range from affiliate administration to extremely adaptable shopping carts.

Thrivecart's availability for a one-time fee rather than a membership plan is one of a kind. And yes, it offers a money-back guarantee if you cancel the plan within 30 days.

The bottom line is if you run an online business, selling digital goods or even physical products, It is well worth looking into. I've relied on ThriveCart for almost 18 months now, and I couldn't be happier.

Finally, what do you think of my ThriveCart review? Did I miss anything? Let me know your thoughts, and what cart did you go with? 


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