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Are you tired of guessing which marketing strategy, harvested the most leads and income for your online business model?

By using Clickmagick's unique features such as link cloaking, conversion tracking, and rotators, you can obtain the precious data-driven information, needed to eliminate all the guesswork.

With ClickMagick's flexible plans and Discounts, it lets you track, optimize, and grow your online business, without breaking the bank.

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ClickMagick Pricing at a glance.

How much does Clickmagick cost?

ClickMagick offers a practical three-tier pricing plan that permits small, medium, and large-sized companies to develop at their own rhythm, by allowing higher plan purchases as needed.

ClickMagick's pricing .

  • Starter Plan: Starter Plan is just $49 per month and comes with a 14-day FREE trial. Try it out and see if it's the right fit for you.
  • Standard Plan: Upgrade to the Standard Plan for only $99 per month, and get access to even more advanced features.
  • Pro Plan: Take your business to the next level with Pro Plan at $199 per month. It includes all core features and even more added perks.

If you want to cut costs even further, you can sign up for the year and save 25% off the regular price.

What is ClickMagick

clickmagick plans, link tracking software for online marketing

ClickMagick is a link tracking tool, that enables you to monitor your advertisements and focus on the sources of clicks that generate the most revenue for your business.

This unique affiliate links tracking software has assisted millions of businesses and online marketers in successfully monitoring and tracking their email marketing and advertisement campaigns.

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Clickmagick Features

  • Easily track entire sales funnels: ClickMagic makes it easy to track every step of your sales funnel, from initial opt-ins to final sales.

  • With its user-friendly interface, you can quickly and easily see how your marketing campaigns are performing and make changes as needed.

  • Intelligent Split Testing & Rotators: ClickMagic's split testing and rotator features allow you to test different versions of your sales pages, sales funnels and see which ones perform best.

  • You can also use rotators to distribute traffic among multiple pages, ensuring that each page gets an equal amount of traffic.

  • Geotargeting & Mobile Optimization: ClickMagic includes geotargeting and mobile app optimization features, so you can ensure that your pages are optimized for visitors in different locations and on different devices.

  • Flag/Block Bots & Non-Human Clicks: ClickMagic has the feature to flag/block bots & non-human clicks, ensuring you get the actual data.

  • Click-Fraud Protection: ClickMagic also includes click-fraud protection, which ensures your campaigns are not affected by fraudulent activities.

  • Track Opt-Ins, Goals & Sales: ClickMagic allows you to track unlimited opt-ins, goals, and sales, so you can see how your campaigns perform at every stage.

  • Custom Tracking Domains: ClickMagic allows you to use custom tracking domains so your tracking links look professional.

  • Lightning-Fast Tracking Links & Rotators: ClickMagic's Tracking affiliate links and rotators are lightning-fast, so you can track clicks and distribute traffic quickly and efficiently.

  • Affiliate Marketing Tools: ClickMagic includes affiliate tools to manage and track your affiliate campaigns easily.

  • Real-Time Stats: ClickMagic provides real-time stats, so you can see how your campaigns perform and make changes as needed.


ClickMagick Starter Plan Price

The starter plan is just $49 per month and comes with a 14-day free trial. It's the basic package for link tracking, as the name implies and it is for only for 1 team member.

It's an excellent resource for startups and those internet marketers just getting started.

What It Includes:

If you sign up for the Basic Package, you'll have access to the following:

  • Click Tracking: Up to 10,000 clicks per month
  • Conversion Tracking: No limits
  • Funnel Tracking: Monitor the performance of one funnel
  • Custom Tracking Domains: Stand out with your own personal touch
  • Data Retention: Never lose important information with six months of retention
  • Team members: 1
  • Helpdesk Support: Assisted every step of the way with 8-hour support

Who can benefit from this? 

The starter plan is for you if you're an internet marketer on a small budget but still need basic monitoring capabilities.

The starter plan's restriction of 10,000 clicks per month may need to be increased for high-volume businesses.

ClickMagick Standard Plan Price

The standard plan costs $99 per month. It is, by a wide margin, the most widely used plan.

The standard plan is the most common choice for consumers for various reasons.

Customers get an incredible amount of value from this plan, as it is loaded with a lot of additional features compared to the starter plan.

What It Includes:

  • Click Tracking: Track up to 100,000 clicks per month
  • Tracking conversions: No limits
  • Cross Device Tracking: Monitor across multiple devices
  • Phone Sales Tracking: Keep tabs on all sales made via phone
  • PPC Click Shield: Protect your ads from fraudulent clicks
  • Funnel Tracking: Monitor the performance of 5 funnels
  • Custom Tracking Domains: Stand out with 10 custom domains
  • Data Retention: Keep your tracking data safe for 1 year
  • Team members : 3
  • Zapier & Api access: indispensable for integration with custom applications, task automation, and API custom workflows
  • Helpdesk Support: Get assistance within 1 hour
  • Fanatical Live Chat Support: Always here to help
  • Onboarding Call: Personalized 1-on-1 onboarding session
  • Phone Support: Speak to an expert directly
  • Paid Traffic Courses: Learn the ins and outs of paid traffic
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Who can Benefit from this?

At the Standard Plan level, you're allowed 100,000 clicks every month, a 10x increase over the Basic Plan's 10,000 clicks per month.

The slight price increase should be enough for most small and medium-sized web businesses and online marketers.

If you buy a lot of media and use ad networks like Google Advertising, Facebook Ads, or Bing Ads, the Standard plan is best for you.

ClickMagick Pro Plan Price

The pro plan costs $199 per month. It's a step up from the Standard Plan and comes with extra features.

What It Includes Extra:

  • Click Tracking: Keep tabs on up to 1,000,000 clicks per month
  • Funnel Tracking: Unlimited funnel tracking
  • unlimited custom domains: Utilize unlimited custom domains
  • Data Retention: Keep your data for 2 years
  • Custom domains: Unlimited
  • Team members: Unlimited
  • Helpdesk Support: 1-hour fanatical support
  • Experts Academy PRO Program: Free membership included

Who can Benefit from this?

Marketers and affiliates that are rapidly developing with high volume with many team members, should consider upgrading to the Pro Plan.

This Pro Plan deal is too good to pass up, if you run more than one e-commerce website or domain, thanks to the infinite conversion tracking and pro capabilities included, you have no restrictions to skyrocket your business.

clickmagick pricing page

ClickMagick Free Trials

Not only do they offer affordable pricing plans, but they also allow you to test drive their software with a 14-day free trial period.

During this free trial period, you can try out all of the features of ClickMagick and decide if it's right for you.

You can explore all the features of a particular plan without any restrictions and without any annoying "pay to use" pop-ups.

This way, you can decide whether to upgrade or downgrade your plan according to your needs and budget.

The trial option is valuable because it genuinely feels like a "trial" and not just a "free" version. This means you can try the entire software risk-free.

ClickMagick Discount:

clickmagick pro plan pricing yearly

If you sign up for one of ClickMagick's pricing plans for a year, you can save 25%. Checking the official website of ClickMagick for the most up-to-date pricing plans and deals is always a good idea.

To take advantage of the discounted annual price option, you must first sign up for the free trial to make a ClickMagick account and provide your credit card information.

clickmagick -discount-billing

This ClickMagick Review has been written from my experience as a real user since 2021 [screenshot]

After you've signed up, go to the billing page and choose the option "Change" next to the plan you're currently using.

Change it to "Yearly" in the price columns. [see screenshot above]

Which ClickMagick Pricing Package is Best For You?

It depends on your needs as a user.

ClickMagick is used by affiliate marketers, media buyers, online advertisers, bloggers, and publishers, and each group may have different requirements.

Here's a breakdown of the different pricing plans and who they may be best suited for:

Starter Plan:

  • Best for newbie bloggers, and email marketers, who want to buy or sell solo ads.

Standard Plan:

  • Best for marketers who advertise on networks like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Quora

Pro Plan:

Note: If you do a lot of media buying or CPA marketing, the Voluum tracker could be an excellent alternative.

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Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts-infographics-man thinking in background is blue sky,birds,trees.

As we've looked at ClickMagick's pricing plans, it's become clear that this powerful tool is a great deal for businesses of all sizes.

From the basic plan, with its affordable monthly rate, to the more robust options that include advanced features and increased data, there's a ClickMagick package that will meet the needs of any organization.

But the best reason to use ClickMagick is that it can give you a good return on your investment.

ClickMagick can help you make better business decisions, reach your target audience more effectively, and grow your business as a whole by stream-lining your marketing and giving you in-depth analytics. 

In short, if you're looking for a powerful, user-friendly marketing tool to help you take your business to new heights, then ClickMagick is for you.

With its competitive pricing and all you need features, it's a choice you won't regret!


FAQ frequently asked-questions, infographic yellow words FAQ, on blue pink background with -transparent question mark.

How accurate is Clickmagick?

It has a reported 99.9% accuracy rate and uses cutting-edge technology to make sure that all clicks are accurately recorded and tracked.

With this level of accuracy, you can make better marketing decisions, which can help your business get a better return on its investment

Can I use Clickmagick on multiple websites or domains?

Absolutely! ClickMagick can be used on multiple websites and domains. However, it is essential to note that the features and capabilities of ClickMagick may vary depending on the plan you choose.

Does Clickmagick offer a free trial?

Yes, ClickMagick lets users try out the platform for free before signing up for a paid subscription.

Most free trials last 14 days and give you access to most of the tools and features that come with paid plans.



In this Clickmagick Review-what most people fail to realize is that this excellent "powerhouse" should not be considered by all types of marketers!

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