Coach Glue Review: Does it Make Your Coaching Awesome?

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• By Chris Manson
• Updated September 26, 2023

Introducing Our exclusive Coach Glue Review: Unlocking a Fresh Perspective on Private Label Rights Material.

Whether you want to be an expert in a specific field and help others, or simply looking for good quality products for self-improvement.

Coach Glue has something special to offer.

In this review, we'll dive into the details and show you how Coach Glue can help you achieve your goals.

Let's get started!

In A Nutshell:

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Coach Glue

  •  What We Liked
  • Tailored Content for Coaches.
  • Specialized Tools for Business Growth.
  • Potential for Passive Income.
  • Enhances Professional Image.
  • The Products remain unique since you can sell to your clients, but they can't resell the product themselves! More about that later.
  •  What We Didn't Like.
  •  Price Tag is good value but maybe out of reach for some.
  • The cost may not be justified by the benefits for some users.
  • There are no free bundles available for trial. 

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What is Coach Glue?

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Coach Glue is an online PLR platform created by Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold to support those in the coaching business. 

They offer ready-to-use, Private Label Rights (PLR) products that coaches can brand and use in their businesses. 

This includes various content on topics like social media management, running webinars, email automation, and creating coaching programs.

Essentially, Coach Glue provides business coaches and entrepreneurs with the resources and tools they need, such as courses, workshops, blog posts, and planners, to efficiently run and grow their businesses. 

In simpler words, Coach Glue is here to help you grow a successful online business.

If you're a business coach or thinking of becoming one, Coach Glue has tools and ready-to-use content.

It's like having a helper for your own business journey.

So, what does Coach Glue offer?

Here's a closer look at what Coach Glue offers:

Ready-to-use Products: With the increasing demand for PLR article websites, Nicole and Melissa developed Coach Glue to provide such products.

These aren't just generic materials; they're expertly crafted to help you create hot-selling programs for your audience.

Starting Made Easy: Launching your own online business can be daunting for beginners. But with Coach Glue, you get templates, forms, lessons, and more.

You can even use your business logo on them, and you're good to go.

Different Types of Content: They offer diverse packages ranging from ready-made blog posts, coaching courses, and planners to a  mini-course. 

Who can benefit from Coach Glue? 

Primarily those who run or aspire to launch an online coaching business, or even a teaching and coaching expert.

If you're aiming to build passive income streams or need a regular influx of content for your free training workshops or membership site, Coach Glue is an indispensable resource. 

Top Products Offered By Coach Glue

Top Products Offered By Coach Glue

This platform is renowned for offering high-quality, done-for-you coaching material covering various best selling product categories.

Each category boasts a suite of products tailored for business coaches and content creators.

As we dive deeper into their products, we'll explore how their content can benefit both online coaching businesses and one-on-one coaching classes.

PLR Content:

For those who run a coaching company, Coach Glue offers brandable PLR coaching products, which include all the coaching forms, content, letters, and workshops.

Just add your branding, and they are ready for use.

Coaching Forms

Their customizable PLR forms, encompassing intake forms, referral letters, emails, templates, agendas, charts, checklists, and PLR coaching workshops, make running a coaching practice much more efficient.

This quality plr content is designed for teaching and coaching experts, to help simplify, running a profitable coaching business.

done for you coaching forms

Coaching Workshops

These are not just any done-for-you courses; they're ready-made digital workshops, classes, programs, and e-courses designed by highly skilled marketers to help grow your coaching program.

Once you purchase a license, you can edit, brand, and distribute these products.

Coaching Workshops

Courses And Workshops

All courses are in Word document format.

These training courses offer the best quality PLR content to make money and are designed for coaches who want ready-to-use versions for their paid clients.

You can sell them on your site, earn passive income, or use the materials for webinars with the help of their webinar script.

 Other Products

1. Journals:

  • Format: Crafted in Canva and Word, allowing easy customization.
  • Content: Each of the five available journals has 20 prompts.
  • Usage: Ideal for digital downloads, pintables, free giveaways, upsells, and even reselling on platforms like Amazon KDP after customization.
done for you journals

2. Planners:

  • Format: Ready in Word Document for seamless edits.
  • Content: With 19 planners available, the topics range from digital marketing to self-care. 
  • Usage: Perfect for Facebook group challenges, email campaigns, bonuses, upsells, and reselling as digital and printed versions.
coach glue planners

3. Video Scripts:

  •  Format: Step-by-step video scripts.

  •  Content: 16 scripts, each encompassing a workbook, sales copy, and promotional materials. 

  • Usage: Ideal for video training, webinars, live events, podcasts, and more.

done for you video scripts

4. Free gifts:

Please take advantage of this Gift, available to you because we are partners of Coach Glue: Free Canva social media templates►

Coach Glue Also Offers 3 Free gifts if you sign up for their newsletter.


5. Blog Posts:

  • Format: Packaged blog post bundles.

  • Content: Nine packages are available, with each package containing 10 to 65 articles on diverse topics such as "Marketing," "Vision boards," and "WordPress."

  • Usage: Perfect for social media, newsletters, and blogs. It's recommended to customize these posts for optimal SEO results is recommended to ensure originality.

done for you blog content

See our post: How To Start A Blog From Scratch

Utilizing Products from Coach Glue: A Guide

Coach Glue stands apart in the domain of content providers.

While they offer ready-made, customizable materials, they don't label themselves as a typical PLR site.

Unlike many other providers, with Coach Glue, you can't sell the reselling rights of their products.

Essentially, when you sell their content, your clients can only use it for themselves; they can't resell it.

This originality ensures that the quality and exclusivity of the content are maintained.

Here's a Breakdown of How to Use Coach Glue's content:

What You Can Do:

  • Sell Directly: You can sell the content to your clients, but they can only use it personally.
  • Tailor as Needed: Feel free to edit, remove, or add content; you can even sell the content as-is.
  • Personalize: Add your business touch! Incorporate your logo name or even redesign the materials.
  • Diverse Usage: Use the content across various platforms – your website, blog, newsletters, membership sites, or even social media.
  • Lead Magnets: To build your list, offer content in exchange for email addresses.
  • Value Additions: Use the content as bonuses, upsells, or package them with other products.
  • Repurpose: Convert the content into different media like videos or audio.
  • Offline Utilization: You can use the content for offline events, like workshops or classes.

What You Should Avoid:

  • Source File Sharing: Don't hand over the original editable files to your buyers. They should only receive the final, non-editable version.
  • Misleading Claims: Ensure your clients understand they can't freely resell or distribute the purchased content.
  • Amazon Uploading: Refrain from publishing Coach Glue's materials as Kindle books on Amazon; it violates their terms. 

It's vital to respect these boundaries when using your own Coach Glue's products to maintain their value and integrity.

Coach Glue VIP Club Membership

Special Offer - How to Get Coach Glue VIP Membership for Free

The VIP membership is a valuable option for those who want a continuous supply of fresh content.

It's not just a PLR membership; it's an exclusive club where you get new, high-quality content every month.

Despite the clear benefits of Coach Glue's VIP membership, the price might be a hurdle for some.

To address this, Coach Glue provides a guide detailing five strategies to secure a free VIP membership.

One suggested strategy: Organize a webinar or seminar utilizing Coach Glue's monthly coaching resources.

By selling just one seat each month, the profits can cover the annual cost of the VIP membership and even yield a surplus.

Another approach: Establish a subscription-based platform with a repository of rebranded Coach Glue content, tailoring the materials to your brand and needs.

Coach Glue Review: User Experiences and Testimonials

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Pros and Cons of Coach Glue


  • Course Creation: Coach Glue can design and create courses tailored to your needs.
  • Content Creation: They manage all blog-related aspects of your coaching business, ensuring you have consistent, high-quality content.
  • Diverse Bundles: They offer a range of bundles with specific focuses, allowing you to choose what best suits your business needs.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Despite the higher price, the content quality is consistently superior to many other providers.
  • Immediate Access: Upon joining, you get instant access to a wide array of PLR packs in their existing vault and monthly content packs.
  • Value for Money: The vast amount of ready-made content available immediately upon joining offers substantial value, compensating for the membership fee.
  • Time Saver: For coaching business owners, the convenience of pre-made, high-quality content can save significant amounts of time and effort.


  • No Free Bundles: Unlike some platforms, Coach Glue doesn't offer any of its bundles for free.
  • Higher Entry Price: The initial membership cost, especially the VIP program at $997, is higher than many other PLR providers.
  • Cost Perception: While the content quality and amount might justify the price, the upfront cost can deter potential members, especially those just starting out.

Alternatives to Coach Glue


Similar to Coach Glue, provides private label rights content for coaches, therapists, and consultants. The content is based on positive psychology and personal development.

Features Compared to Coach Glue:

  • Content-Range: While Coach Glue focuses on coaching business tools like planners and workshops, offers a broader range of content, including articles, PLR eBooks, slide decks, and more.
  • Membership: operates on a credit system. Each month, members receive credits that they can use to purchase content. This gives flexibility in choosing the specific content a coach wants.
  • Content Quality: Both platforms pride themselves on high-quality content, but emphasizes content grounded in positive psychology principles.

    See Our: PLR.Me Full Review

2. Content Sparks

Content Sparks offers brandable, done-for-you content for online business coaches and consultants.

Their content is more focused on professional development and business strategies.

Features Compared to Coach Glue:

  • Niche Focus: While Coach Glue provides generalized coaching content, Content Sparks dives deep into business and professional development topics.
  • Customization: Both platforms allow content rebranding and customization, but Content Sparks offers additional instructional content to help users tailor their purchases.

Both and Content Sparks are strong alternatives to Coach Glue, catering to different niches within the coaching industry.

Coach Glue provides a monthly toolkit for coaches. focuses on happiness and well-being, and Content Sparks specializes in business strategies and professional development.

Your choice would depend on your niche as a coach and the type of content you require.

Our Take: Does It Make Your Coaching Awesome?

In this in-depth review of Coach Glue, we've dissected its offerings, from its content quality to its pricing.

Coach Glue sets itself apart by tailoring its content explicitly for coaches, which is a significant advantage for those in the coaching business.

However, the premium quality comes with a premium price tag.

While some might find the cost steep, especially when compared to other PLR providers, it's crucial to consider the value you're getting.

With Coach Glue, you're not just buying content but investing in specialized tools designed to elevate your own coaching business.

It could be a game-changer if you're serious about your business and want to present a professional, polished image to your clients.

From our experience It's not just another PLR website; it's an innovative way to make passive income streams and to make more money; if you are in the coaching business.


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What are the benefits of Coach Glue's VIP membership?

While the initial cost might seem high, accessing the VIP program offers vast content from their existing PLR pack vault and new monthly content packs.

With done-for-you planners and time-saving features, many coaches find the investment worthwhile.

The aim is to help coaching businesses run smoothly; this membership is a step in that direction.

How can I make the most of the content I purchase from Coach Glue?

 Besides online coaching, using their content for in-person coaching classes can be highly beneficial.

Their training materials and quality PLR articles ensure you present a polished image to your clients. They even offer a mail subscription service to keep you updated.


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