PLR Ebook Supplier Review: Is This The Ultimate PLR Resource?

PLR eBook Supplier Review
• By Chris Manson
• Updated September 4, 2023

It's becoming more obvious that PLR sites can play a big role in helping you earn income.

Aspiring to create my own products, I came across the PLR eBook Supplier.

What struck me most was the vast array of free products available here.

It's a goldmine for creating content that stands out in the competitive digital space.

But is this the ultimate PLR resource?

Join us in this PLR eBook Provider Review to find the answer.

In this post-PLR eBook Supplier Review: we'll shed light on its pricing, pros, cons and its ability to revolutionize how we approach content creation and, online business.

Also, we will discover how PLR eBook Supplier's products can propel your digital marketing projects to new heights using the Super Franchise.

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What is PLR Ebook Supplier?

making money online with plr

PLR eBook Supplier is a leading digital platform that provides Private Label Rights (PLR) content and is one of the most prestigious digital product sites online.

They offer a wide range of digital content, from Personal Development to Social Media Marketing.

With PLR, you can tailor these eBooks, rebrand them, and sell them as your own.

No inventory inventory worries here—digital means endless sales potential!

Need a website? They offer professional, prebuilt ones here, stocked with eBooks!

If you're new to online business? Their training, tutorials, and personal mentorships will guide you.

Plus, they advise on effective content marketing and social media strategies.

In short, PLR eBook Supplier is more than just a content source; it's a full-fledged partner for building your online business.

PLR eBook Supplier Review: What Do They Offer?

PLR tested and approved
  •  PLR eBooks: An exhaustive library of eBooks awaits the most demanding reader and entrepreneur. From niche-specific reads to broad knowledge, there's something for everyone.
  •  PLR Articles: Perfect for those looking to support their website content without the continuous grind of creating from scratch. You only need to customize that content, and it is ready to publish on your site under your name.
  •  PLR Videos: A new addition to their collection, these videos cater to visual learners and are perfect for YouTube promotions or as stand alone learning modules.
  •  PLR Website Creation: Looking to establish a solid online presence without starting from zero? Their PLR website services could be your ticket to financial freedom. 

What's In Their Header Menu?

PLR eBook supplier header menu

My Account, Wishlist, and Log In

This eBook Supplier places its users first, with easy-to-access sections like MY ACCOUNT for personal profile management, WISHLIST to search and bookmark desired products, and LOG IN to ensure easy safe navigation.

Their platform's design simplifies user navigation, making it very user-friendly.

PLR Store

PLR Store

A goldmine of Private Label Rights content, the PLR Store offers a wide range of eBooks across different niches.

From affiliate marketing eBooks to cryptocurrency PLR eBooks, there's something for every digital entrepreneur.

PLR eBook Provider-Services

PLR eBook Provider-Services

PLR eBook Supplier isn't just about eBooks; they provide just about every service you could think of to help you succeed in your Digital Business:

  •  Social Media Growth: Tailored strategies to raise your brand's social media presence.
  •  eBook Cover Design: Professional designs ensure your eBook stands out and sells.
  •  Google Ads Management: Expertly handling your Google ad campaigns, to increase your profits.
  •  eBook Creation: From idea to execution, to get your eBook ready to sell in the market. 
  • Blogging & Content: Carefully Selected content services to support your online presence. 
  • Web Design: Creating a fully functional "turnkey" website that aligns with your brand's core values.
  •  Social Media Posts: Providing engaging posts to captivate your social media audience.
  •  Logo + Graphic Design: Distinct professional designs that reflect your brand's identity.
  •  Virtual Assistant: Administrative support ensuring smooth business operations.

The price for services varies. PLR eBook provider prioritizes its clients, offering a Free Consultation.

This ensures that customers can judge the quality and relevance of their services before going all in.

We can say from experience, that this is quite rare in the PLR space and it really did impress us!

Affiliate Program, Reviews, Community, PLR Blog, FAQ, and More section.

Users will find Useful PLR Tools to optimize their digital product journey under the expansive More section.

The Affiliate Program is decent and offers a chance to earn by doing ads and promoting PLR eBook Supplier's various products.

Reviews provide authentic user feedback, while the community fosters networking among PLR enthusiasts.

The PLR Blog is a resource hub with many reviews and insights into the PLR world, and the FAQ addresses common queries.

Useful PLR Tools

Useful PLR Tools

When it comes to online entrepreneurship, having the right toolkit can change the game.

PLR eBook Supplier is your secret weapon, offering a range of features that simplify and boost your digital projects.

Mastering Email Marketing

Have you ever searched for ways to engage your audience without sounding cheesy or robotic?

Their email marketing tool is just the ticket.

From segmenting your audience to sending them value-packed content, it's all about nurturing those relationships.

Think of it as your bridge, leading prospects from simple curiosity to signing up and purchasing your products.

Read more: Email Marketing Strategies ►

Sales Funnels That Sell

A lot goes into crafting that perfect sales page.

With PLR's conversion-optimized funnels, it's less about guesswork and more about results.

Mobile responsive designs? Absolutely and of course they are all Seamlessly integrated with email responder tools, ensuring your emails aren't scattered across multiple email inboxes.

Jazz Up Those eBooks

Have you ever drooled over those sleek eBook designs, created by top marketers and Graphic designers? And wondered if yours could look the same, wonder no more.

PLR ensures your content isn't just well-written but also well-presented.

So whether you're writing on a niche topic or a broad topic domain, the design tool adds that extra sparkle, ensuring you protect your brand's valuable reputation.

What Features Stand Out?

Let's explore the standout features of this supplier, emphasizing the serious pre-built website services and super franchise opportunities they offer.

Pre-built Website Service

Start Your Own Successful PLR Business. 

Is this the ultimate income solution for securing your financial freedom?

The Pre-built Website Service offered by eBook Supplier is an absolute game-changer.

With a ready-to-use platform, you can jump right into business.

One of the outstanding benefits is the affordability and the friendly ongoing support and advice.

There is no need to break the bank on custom web design – this service saves you time and money while providing a professional start-up.

When you think of all the pain in the Butt things you must go through, like- Regular updates, Checking Security, and getting the right products set up!

These guys are pros, It's all taken care of for you, no stress just profit.


It is not common knowledge, but you probably have heard of the very well-known and successful

PLR site called PLR Hustle.

This site is owned by Brandon Belcher and his site was delivered to him as a pre-built website franchise by Austin of PLR eBook supplier.

What truly impressed me is the robust functionality of these pre-built websites.

They're designed with the user in mind with Fast loading, easy navigation, and conversion optimization – it's all there.

But here's the real magic – the flexibility. These websites can be tailored to fit various niches of your choice.

Whether you're targeting fitness fanatics or tech enthusiasts, the platform can be customized to match your audience's interests and desires perfectly.

Since PLR eBooks are so popular, due to the high demand, it's not surprising that they are not going away any time soon.

Pre-built Website Pricing

PLR work your way to financial freedom

The cumulative expenses for all the remarkable features could reach $5900.

However, with PLR eBook Supplier's Prebuilt Website offer, you can grab this incredible opportunity for just $629.

What Do You Get?

A custom fully functional pro PLR website delivered in less than 48 hours!

Fully automated checkout cart, using Stripe or PayPal.

370 pre-loaded quality eBooks plus all their services to get you earning quickly.

Plus ongoing training and professional advice, so that you never get stuck.

And more

This represents exceptional value that really saves you money and time and delivers you with a fully professional automated platform to jumpstart your online business and profits.

Don't let this unique offer slip under the radar, book a free 30-minute call now! ►

book a 30 min call

Super Franchise

The Super Franchise opportunity from PLR eBook Supplier is their Flagship franchise.

Imagine getting a pre-built website, training, support, and 465 pre-loaded digital products all in one package – that's what this elite franchise model offers.

Now, let's touch on how profitable it can be.

If you become a Super Franchisee, you will earn 100% on all the sales on your site, and all the products are branded as your own.

This opportunity is perfect for people who want to get financially free, via digital marketing without all the headaches of starting from scratch.

Super Franchisee Pricing

The total cost to pay for all these features could add up to as much as $6200.

But with PLR eBook Supplier, you can seize the Super Franchise discount offer opportunity for high value and an affordable price of just $975.

It's an unparalleled offer that brings you substantial savings and operates on a "turnkey" model, providing all the essentials to launch your online business right away!

Testimonial for PLR website franchise

Membership Pricing

If you are a regular user of PLR content in your business, they offer three-tier memberships:

Silver Member at $27/month

Gold Member at $37/month

Platinum Member at $47/month

Each membership allows you to download a specific number of electronic books monthly and offers various other perks.


In conclusion, the PLR eBook Supplier is a legitimate platform.

 If you're thinking about getting into PLR content, consider signing up for a Free account, and exploring their wide range of products.


Also, they have a FREE eBook section for free PLR downloads, where you can get a feel for the quality before you buy.

Membership Pricing

User Experiences & Testimonials

testimonial trust pilot 1
Testimonial trust pilot 2
Testimonial trust pilot 3

PLR eBook Supplier Comparison And Alternatives

Regarding PLR (Private Label Rights) content, there needs to be more than a one-size-fits-all solution.

Let's get into the unique features and benefits of two alternatives of PLR eBook Supplier, significant players in the PLR market: PLR Hustle and

PLR Hustle: The Extensive Library

PLR Hustle: The Extensive Library
  • Features: PLR Hustle is a great resource for PLR content, boasting a large collection suitable for various niches. While others might emphasize unique business models, PLR Hustle stands out with its sheer content volume and resell rights.
  • Best For Beginners and seasoned marketers who want a diverse array of PLR content for personal use or resale.
  • Pricing: Fairly straightforward, PLR Hustle's bundles range from $5 to $399, and memberships are not a hassle.
  • Reputation: In the domain of PLR, PLR Hustle is well-respected for its commitment to quality and the wide choice of quality products. Read The Full PLR Hustle Review Here ► Creativity Meets Quality Creativity Meets Quality
  • Features: If PLR Hustle is the library, is the art gallery. It offers a variety of tools with a range of content, from PLR articles to multimedia.
  • Best Customers: Ideal for content creators yearning for an extensive collection of top-rated PLR materials.
  • Pricing: has a unique credit-based system, allowing you to pick your desired content.
  • Quality and Diversity: The platform is celebrated for its high-caliber content, giving creators many options across niches.

  • Support: Their customer service is often highlighted, accompanied by a user-friendly interface.

  • Read The Full PLR.ME Review here ►

Our Take: Is PLR eBook Supplier Worth It?

Is PLR eBook Supplier a scam or a legit source?

Rest assured, it's a legitimate platform offering high-quality products.

It provides a wide range of e-books catering to various niches at reasonable prices.

If you're looking to dive into the world of serious PLR, we strongly recommend exploring what PLR eBook Supplier offers.

Just sign up make a free account and check out all the opportunities they have to offer.

And for those of you who are looking to get a real business started in the digital marketplace, without the stress and hassle.

Their pre-built website and Super Franchise opportunities are the keys to unlocking your entrepreneurial journey in total security.

Don't miss out on these incredible opportunities to achieve financial freedom and success – take the leap into owning your online business today!

Testimonial for PLR website franchise 2


FAQ frequently asked-questions, infographic yellow words FAQ, on blue pink background with -transparent question mark.

Is PLR Products Legit?

Absolutely, PLR products are legitimate resources. PLR stands for "Private Label Rights," allowing you to modify and use the content as your own.

It's essential, though, to purchase PLR products from reputable providers to ensure the content's quality and legality.

Is Selling PLR eBooks Profitable?

Yes, selling PLR content can be a profitable venture. Your success depends on factors like how well you write your marketing strategy, audience targeting, and the quality of the eBooks.

Can You Put Your Name on a PLR eBook?

Yes, you're allowed to add your name to a PLR eBook after obtaining the rights. With PLR, you can modify, rebrand, and create content as your own, including adding your name as the author.


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