Voluum Pricing: Best Discounts And Deals In 2023

Voluum Pricing
• By Chris Manson
• Updated August 8, 2023

As a seasoned Voluum user, I'll guide you through its features, pricing plans and advantages, ensuring you're well-clued to make the best choice.

In the fast-paced world of performance marketing and online advertising, having the right tools is more than a luxury; it's a necessity.

With competition tighter than ever, staying ahead can sometimes feel like a struggle.

Enter Voluum – a game changer in the realm of media buying.

However, the difficulty lies in figuring out the right  Voluum pricing plan that matches what you need and what you can afford from the many options available.

Don't worry, as this post aims to unravel the most recent pricing options and discounts Voluum has to offer in 2023.

With Voluum's exceptional features, enhancing your marketing campaigns and achieving a greater ROI becomes not just a possibility, but a reality.

So let's see what plans and deals Voluum has to offer!

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Voluum Discount Offers And Deals (2023)

Voluum's extensive monitoring tools and advertising capabilities have earned it a strong reputation among affiliate marketers, media buyers and online enterprise owners.

To make this tool more convenient, Voluum discounts are available.

In 2023, Voluum is giving a variety of discounts and promotions. Here are a few of them:

Best Voluum Deal

Voluum is offering an attractive deal on its affiliate ad tracking software.

Users can take advantage of this deal without a coupon code.

Register a new Voluum account and commit to a monthly or an annual plan to claim this deal.

This is a great way to enjoy advanced tracking features at a discounted price.

voluum sales page

31% Voluum Discount on Yearly Plan

This deal allows users to receive a significant 31% on Voluum.

This can be done by just opting for a yearly plan.

Select any Plan and opt for an annual billing cycle to claim this deal.

This will unlock access to advanced features while saving you significant money for a year.

voluum pricing table

Yearly Black Friday Promotion

This annual offer by Voluum lets users to get up to a whopping discount on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Keep an eye out for this deal, as it offers high savings.

Participate in Voluum's Customer Loyalty Initiative

Joining Voluum means not just getting access to excellent tracking software solutions, but also being appreciated and rewarded.

Voluum point rewards

With each paid monthly subscription, you accumulate 100 loyalty points. These points can later be redeemed for exclusive rewards.


These are the current discounts and deals offered by Voluum in 2023. These offers are a great way to use this premium tool at a lower cost. Voluum's capabilities can immensely boost your affiliate marketing campaigns, so take advantage of these deals.

My Voluum account- gift points video(no sound)

My- Voluum account- gift -points -video-(no sound)

Voluum Pricing-Summary

Voluum offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to different needs and business sizes. 

  • The first two Voluum pricing plans, are priced at $199 and $349 per month and are ideal for businesses looking to optimize their performance using advanced AI and automation tools. 

    The former suits small businesses needing up to 20 active campaigns, while the latter serves larger operations with up to 60 active campaigns and more advanced features.

  • For growing businesses, there is a plan at $599 per month. This plan provides the necessary tools to grow and protect from ad fraud, offering a good balance between advanced features and affordability. 

  • Businesses that seek to scale faster and require direct integrations and VIP support might find the plan more suitable at $999 per month. This plan provides more advanced features and quicker support response times

  • Larger agencies or media-buying teams that need extensive features and top-tier support can find the Voluum pricing plan at $1999 per month to be the best fit.

What Is Voluum?

voluum pricing sales page-What Is Voluum?

Voluum is a powerful performance ad tracking software used primarily for:

  • Tracking online ad campaigns.

  • Real-time reporting and detailed analytics

  • Monitoring key performance indicators like clicks, conversions, and profitability.

The platform integrates various campaign elements, traffic sources and affiliate networks, making campaign management more efficient.

Voluum also provides:

  • A/B testing capabilities

  • Impression tracking

  • Fraud detection to optimize marketing efforts and protect against fraudulent activities.

Voluum also offers multiple pricing plans for both individuals and businesses.

Every plan has distinguishable features and good customer support.

Detailed Voluum Cost

Voluum offers pricing plans for both individuals and businesses.

Let's explore them both for you to understand which plans can be useful for your needs.

Individual Voluum Cost Plans

Individual Voluum Cost Plans

For individuals like affiliate marketers and digital marketers, Voluum has two different plans for a variety of needs, each offering a distinct set of features and benefits.

Profit Plan:

  • The first plan, the "Profit," has a price of $199 monthly.

  • This plan is excellent for those who desire to optimize their performance using advanced AI and automation tools.

  • This plan is ideal for those looking to optimize their performance using advanced AI and automation tools.

  • It allows for up to twenty active campaigns and retains data for six months.

  • Subscribers can also handle up to 1,000,000 events and manage three custom domains along with a dedicated domain.

  • Also included are free API integrations and auto-rules, along with 10 additional auto-rules.

  • The plan permits rule-based distribution of traffic and provides for 3 workspaces, fostering collaboration and organization.

Scale Plan:

  • For those wanting to grow their ad operations and fight bot traffic, Voluum offers the "Scale" plan

  • At $349 per month, this plan includes features for sixty campaigns, and data retention extends to 12 months.

  • It can handle up to 5,000,000 events, and subscribers can manage five custom domains plus a dedicated domain.

  • With a twelve-hour SLA, the turnaround for resolving issues is quicker. This plan includes a one-hour onboarding call and fourteen days of chat support in the panel for a smoother user experience.

  • It includes the same free API integrations and twenty additional auto-rules.

  • Rule-based traffic distribution is present in this plan as well, along with five workspaces. 

  • Additional features exclusive to the "Scale" plan include Traffic Distribution AI at the landing page level, Anti-Fraud Kit, and one Big Data Report to tackle fraudulent activities. 

Both plans provide a flexible approach to suit individual requirements.

Business Voluum Cost Plans:

Business Voluum Cost Plans

For businesses with more comprehensive requirements, Voluum offers three different plans; let's explore them all:

Startup Plan:

  • Firstly, the "Start-up" plan at $599 per month is ideal for businesses seeking growth and protection from ad fraud.

  • The package offers one week of individual onboarding and one month of chat support to ensure a smooth start

  • Additionally, this plan allows ten shared reports, supports two additional users, and provides an Anti-Fraud Kit.

  • With a four hour SLA, this plan promises timely assistance. The plan includes a standard API, cookieless tracking, and data retention for 12 months.

  • It also provides auto-rules and API integrations with platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and TikTok.

  • With Traffic Distribution AI, rule-based traffic distribution, ten workspaces, and five Big Data reports, users can effectively strategize and manage their advertising efforts.

Agency Plan:

  • Next, the "agency plan" costs $999 per month, perfect for businesses looking to scale faster with direct integrations and VIP support.

  • This plan includes VIP account management via Skype, email, or Zoom, with a rapid 2-hour SLA.

  • Subscribers benefit from 18 months of data retention, cookieless tracking, a standard API, and a managed service as an add-on.

  • Auto-rules and API integrations with popular ad platforms are included, along with Traffic Distribution AI and rule-based traffic distribution.

  • The plan offers twenty workspaces, , supports five additional users, ten Big Data reportsi. Also, includes an Anti-Fraud Kit, and allows 30 shared reports and eight read-only users.

  • It also includes 4-Dimensional Reports and VIP servers, adding further value to the package.

Enterprise Plan:

  • Lastly, the "Enterprise" plan at $1,999 per month is designed to deliver the best value for agencies or media-buying teams. 

  • This plan provides VIP account management through various channels, with a fast 1-hour SLA.

  • It includes an enhanced API, cookieless tracking, and an extended 24 months of data retention. Managed service and advanced Facebook integration are included as add-ons, along with the usual auto-rules and API integrations.

  • This plan offers an impressive forty workspaces, tjhirty Big Data reports. It also supports ten additional users, includes an Anti-Fraud Kit, and permits fifty shared reports and twenty users that are allow to read.

  • Exclusive features like 4-Dimensional Reports, VIP servers, and white-label shared reports are also part of this comprehensive package.

NOTE: Each of these plans offers distinct key features to suit different stages of business growth and needs. Voluum also offers a custom plan based on the customer's request.

Voluum Key Features

Campaign Tracking

1. Ad Tracking: Voluum is skilled at tracking desktop and mobile running ads. It's fast functioning and dependability guarantees you don't miss a single click or conversion on your campaigns.

2. Affiliate Marketing Dashboard: Voluum delivers a complete picture of your ad campaign analytics, including visitors, clicks, expenses, and revenues, using a simple interface on one dashboard. This capacity allows you to track your affiliate conversions from a single platform.

3. Custom Conversion Tracking: Voluum allows you to track several sorts of conversions during your visitor's visit. Because everything is controlled through the platform, there is no need for separate affiliate software.

4. Impression Tracking: You can track when your ad is loaded on a page. By doing so, you may evaluate the number of individuals who see your advertisements and adjust your marketing plan appropriately.

5. Organic Traffic Tracking: Beyond tracking paid traffic, Voluum also enables you to track organic page visits from organic sources such as other web pages and search engines.

6. Redirect Webhook: You can customize the default campaign flow and landing pages based on specific conditions. With this feature, your server gets notified each time a visit occurs and can reply with a different landing page setup.

7. Mobile App: Voluum offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android. This allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your efforts, even while you're not in front of a computer.

Campaign Optimization

1. Real-time Reporting: Voluum provides real-time data flow, giving you the most up-to-date detailed information about your campaigns.

2. Data Grouping & Drill-down: This feature allows you to navigate through different levels of your data quickly, providing actionable insights that can help you optimize your campaigns.

3. Error Log: Quickly detect and resolve faulty campaign setups and issues connected with external platforms.

4. A/B Split Testing: With A/B testing, you can quickly discover which offers and landing pages perform the best, allowing you to refine your strategies and improve your ROI.

5. Rule-Based Traffic Distribution: This feature lets you retarget traffic based on set conditions. Your traffic will be automatically directed to different landing pages, offers, or entire paths, based on your needs. This can significantly improve your targeting and increase your conversion rates.

Voluum Rule-Based Traffic Distribution

6. Traffic Distribution AI: This feature automatically sends more traffic to the offers, landing pages, and paths that perform the best. The AI analyses your data from the last 24h and adjusts the weights of each campaign element every minute, saving you time on manual optimization.

Voluum Traffic Distribution AI

Campaign Automation

1. API Access: Voluum provides a REST-type API with JSON, allowing you to integrate Voluum with other platforms easily.

2. Bot Filtering: Custom filtering rules based on IP addresses or IP ranges and user agent information can be used to remove known bots from your reports.

3. Notifications: It Keeps up to date with system notifications on your mobile or desktop device. You get notified for the first conversion, get a conversion cap, the current state of your payment, and other events.

4. Automizer: This feature lets you fully integrate your traffic sources with Voluum and control all your campaigns from one platform. You can set automation rules, change bid values, pause and resume campaigns, and create blacklists & whitelists.

Voluum Automizer

5. Anti-Fraud Kit: The Anti-Fraud Kit tool helps you automatically detect suspicious clicks and visits and easily spot sources of bad traffic. It flags suspicious traffic in your reports so you can block the non-human activity or even get a refund from your traffic source.

Which Voluum Plan Is Best For You?

Choosing the right Voluum plan depends on your specific business needs, scale of operations, and budget.

The "Profit " and "Scale" plans, great for small to medium-sized businesses, offer robust features for companies looking to automate and optimize their ad campaigns, with the latter offering more capacity and additional features to combat bot traffic.

For start-ups or businesses in the growth phase, the "Start-up" plan is well-suited, offering a balance of advanced features such as cookieless tracking, traffic distribution AI, and anti-fraud measures while still being relatively affordable.

For larger businesses or those planning to scale quickly, the "agency" plan is better regarding features, support, and integrations.

This plan includes VIP account management and advanced integrations that can help speed up scaling efforts.

For agencies or media-buying teams that need extensive features and support, the "Enterprise" is a comprehensive solution.

With enhanced API, advanced Facebook integration, and the highest capacity for workspaces and data reports, this plan provides all the tools needed for large-scale, advanced ad operations.

Our Take

So the best Voluum plan for you would depend on your specific needs, the scale of your operations, and the growth stage of your business. I recommend you evaluate these factors against each plan to make the most informed decision. I personally use the "profit plan" as a solopreneur, which gives me enough features to run successful campaigns.

Does Voluum include a Free Trial?

Voluum, as far as I know, doesn't openly have a free version or a free trial.

However, occasionally you'll find a pop-up or a button offering a free demo.

My advice? Just keep an eye out for these links in the highlighted sections as you read along.

To get the demo you gotta give your name and email!

acess to Voluum free demo

Pros and Cons of the Voluum Platform


Easy to Use and Integrate

I love how Voluum offers an intuitive platform. The user-friendly one dashboard was effortless to set up, which saved me a lot of time.

The software integrates swiftly with my traffic sources, so I didn't have to spend much time figuring out how to get it working correctly.

Solid Capabilities

One thing that stands out to me about Voluum is its detailed tracking, reporting, and A/B testing features, which is essential for paid ads.

The software has really helped me squeeze every drop of ROI from my traffic sources, providing detailed and actionable insights into my campaign performance.

These features have made it much easier for me to make data driven decisions on my marketing strategies.

Decent Customer Support

I appreciate how serious and competent Voluum's customer support has been.

The account manager is mostly knowledgeable and always offers personalized solutions.

Whenever I had issues or had questions about the platform, they were always there to help me, which I found very reassuring.

I will mention that on my "profit plan" you only get customer support via email, and from my experience it is around 24 hrs before you get a reply.

For me it was not much of a deal-breaker, as they were mainly set up questions, and I never had my campaign go down that was directly caused by Voluum. This would have caused a loss in revenue.

The good thing about Voluume is that it has an app on your phone so that you can be alerted of potential problems, while you sleep or when you are on the go!

Yes, you could potentially lose thousands of dollars if you were sending paid traffic to a "dead link" for example.

email-support -from -Voluum- showing- an- answer- to -one- of -my- queries


Complicated Setup

On the flip side, I initially found Voluum's interface quite overwhelming.

Some tabs and features could be more intuitive, and setting up a campaign was complicated.

There's a learning curve when it comes to understanding how to set up tracking through postback.

The platform would greatly benefit from disabling certain features manually or simplifying the setup process.

there are only 3 drill-down tabs you can use at a time, I would prefer 5 tabs! It's not a deal breaker but it would save time, by having everything to hand!

my -voluum- account- showing- three- drill- down -menus

The customer support is serious and competent, but there is no live chat only email support. From my experience with customer support, it mostly takes 24 hrs for a response.

Not good for email marketing, solo ads, or bloggers. Clickmagick is much better for this.

Read our full clickmagick review>>

Read our full comparison: clickmagick vs. Voluum>>

Expensive Pricing plans

I have to say, Voluum's pricing is a bit high, especially when you consider the added costs for Automizer, Fraud Analytics, and Extra Users.

Plus, it lacks certain elements like cross-device tracking, which I expect to be included, given the price point. I would appreciate it if the pricing structure was more inclusive and affordable for beginners.

My Take On Voluum and Its Pricing

Let's talk about my take on Voluum pricing – my personal experience and thoughts.

So, the question is: Is Voluum worth buying?

In my opinion, Voluum is definitely worth buying for affiliate marketers, media buyers, and online enterprise owners.

The ad tracking software offers a wide range of powerful features that can immensely boost your affiliate marketing efforts and provide valuable insights into your campaigns.

The campaign tracking capabilities are exceptional, ensuring you will get clicks and conversions.

The real-time reporting and data grouping allows you to make quick and data-driven decisions, for campaign optimization.

Although the capabilities and features of Voluum are excellent, some people may have problems with the cost.

If you're just starting out the "profit" plan is all you will need. I have been using this for about 3 years and it tracks perfectly well. The higher plans are in my opinion necessary for team members and media-buying agencies.

To sum up, if you are serious about media buying and affiliate marketing and want to optimize your campaigns for maximum profits, Voluum is a solid investment!


FAQ frequently asked-questions, infographic yellow words FAQ, on blue pink background with -transparent question mark.

What is Voluum tracker used for?

Voluum is a performance-tracking software used primarily for tracking online advertising campaigns.

It provides real-time analytics and detailed reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) like clicks, conversions, and profitability.

This tool helps both businesses and marketers make informed decisions about their digital marketing strategies.

Voluum integrates with other advertising tools and ad networks, making it easier for marketers to manage and optimize ad campaigns from a single platform.

What are the benefits of Voluum?

Voluum offers several benefits to users, including:

  • Real-Time Reporting: It provides detailed and real-time analytics, allowing users to monitor and optimize their campaigns on the fly.

  • Traffic Source & Affiliate Network Integrations: Voluum supports integrations with numerous traffic sources and affiliate networks, simplifying campaign management.

  • A/B Testing: It allows users to perform A/B testing of their marketing campaigns to understand which strategies work better and drive more conversions.

  • Impression Tracking: With Voluum, you can track impressions in addition to clicks and conversions, providing a complete picture of your campaign's performance.

  • Fraud Detection: Voluum has an anti-fraud kit for detecting and preventing fraudulent activities, helping businesses save money and maintain the integrity of their campaigns.

  • Mobile Tracking: It has robust mobile tracking capabilities, allowing marketers to optimize campaigns for mobile users.

Who is the owner of Voluum?

Voluum is owned by Codewise, a technology company specializing in creating digital marketing tools and platforms.Voluum was founded in 2015 by its CERobert Gryn. the CEO of Voluum is Aleksander Fronczek.

How do I cancel my Voluum subscription?

To cancel your Voluum subscription, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Voluum account: Visit the Voluum website and sign into your account with your credentials.

  2. Go to the Settings section: Once logged in, navigate to the 'Settings' section.

  3. Find the Billing & Subscription tab: Within the Settings section, locate the 'Billing & Subscription' tab.

  4. Cancel your subscription: There should be an option to cancel (terminate) your subscription on this tab. Select this option to cancel your subscription.

Once you've successfully cancelled your subscription, Voluum should provide confirmation.

Alternatively, if you're unable to cancel your subscription through the Voluum platform for any reason, you can also reach out to Voluum's Customer Support Team:

  1. Contact Voluum's Customer Support Team: Send an email to Voluum's Customer Support Team at [email protected].

  2. Cancellation request: Your email clearly states that you wish to cancel your subscription. Be sure to include any relevant information, such as your account details and the reason for cancellation.

Remember to cancel your subscription before it renews to avoid being billed for the next billing cycle.


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