Wordtune Reviews: Masterful Writing Made Easy In [2023]

wordtune reviews
• By Chris Manson
• Updated August 15, 2023

 Wordtune-Making Writing Brilliance Easy! Ready for insights? Discover what we liked and didn't like. Find out if Wordtune is your writing solution!

Ever tried typing away, only to get stuck and end up with words that don't quite capture your thoughts? Yeah, we've all been there, right?

Say hello to Wordtune! It's like your writing buddy, here to fix those frustrating moments.

In this Wordtune reviews, we'll break it down for you: the good, the not-so-good, and even the surprises!

Curious if Wordtune is your writing solution in 2023.

Well, if you do more than jot down grocery lists, stick around! Let's dig deep – ready?

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What is Wordtune: An Overview

wordtune reviews-What is Wordtune- An Overview

This amazing tool is from the genius minds over at AI21 Labs. In 2018, these Artificial Intelligence gurus wanted to change the game.

They were over the whole grammar-and-spelling-correction scene and had a bigger vision. 

They dreamt of a tool that didn’t just correct your writing but actually understood your ideas and could put them into words.

That's how Wordtune was born! And it's not just another spelling tool - it's like having your writing companion.

Core Elements of Wordtune

Context Understanding:

Unlike many ai writing assistants who primarily focus on correcting syntax errors and misspelt words, Wordtune takes it further.

It integrates  AI technology qualified for understanding the context and semantics of the text, enabling it to offer a more nuanced writing assistance experience.

Articulating Thoughts:

Have you ever wished you had someone to help you turn your thoughts into perfectly written sentences?

Well, that's precisely what Wordtune is here for!

It's not just about spotting spelling mistakes or fixing grammar – nope, Wordtune is like your personal writing buddy.

It helps you say exactly what you mean in a way that's clear, engaging, and totally true to you. 

AI and Language Models:

The core of Wordtune's functionalities is the advanced AI writing tools and language models developed by AI21 Labs.

The development and implementation of these models distinguish Wordtune as the first AI-based writing assistant and companion that not only polishes grammar and spelling but also assists in refining the tone, word choice, and writing workflow.

Revolutionizing Writing:

Wordtunes-How to Write Better Than AI and ChatGPT-Video

It's more like your personal AI writing assistant, constantly exploring through its bag of linguistic tricks to help you craft clear, engaging, and authentic sentences.

It's perfect when drafting a report, writing an email, or just trying to nail that perfect website content.

It makes the process effortless and enjoyable.

It's like having a friendly chat over coffee but with words. And who wouldn't love that?

Wordtune goes beyond the usual functionalities of typical writing tools, setting a benchmark in the Wordtune review.

It doesn't just detect errors but serves as a companion that helps users articulate their ideas most effectively.

This AI writing companion brings a fresh perspective, empowering users to improve their written communication skills and achieve their writing goals.

Wordtune Features

Wordtune Features

Rewrites & Spices

With the help of generative AI, you may enhance and improve your text automatically with this tool.

While writing a blog post, a business proposal, an academic paper, or anything else, the spices button can assist you in writing your content with more impact, style, and clarity. 

Rewrites & Spices

AI Prompts

This valuable tool is like a friendly brainstorming buddy, giving you suggestions to get your words flowing.

It's like having a browser extension co-author who understands your ideas and helps you flesh them out. Wordtune's AI Prompts have your back when you need creative inspiration.

AI Prompts
AI Prompts-2

AI Summaries

Wordtune's AI Summaries save time. This feature gives you a concise and accurate summary of any lengthy text - articles, long documents; you name it.

It's like having a personal, speed-reading assistant who helps you grasp the essence of any content in no time.

AI Summaries 1
AI- Summaries 2

Text Corrections

Everyone makes mistakes, right? Even the best writers sometimes mix up "their" and "there" or "your" and "you're". That's why the Wordtune editor's got a handy feature called Text Corrections.

It's like super-smart spellcheck that goes beyond just spelling - it also catches those annoying grammar errors.

So, in any case, while you're typing up a quick email or crafting an important report, you can feel confident your work is clean and professional, with this ai writing tool

Text Recommendations

Ever write something that makes perfect sense in your head, but others just don't get it? Wordtune's Text Recommendations feature is here to help.

This feature acts like a friendly style editor, suggesting changes to your sentences to ensure they're clear and easy for anyone to understand. You can also choose between casual and formal tones.

Text Recommendations

Other Features

There are some more features of Wordtune:

Enhanced Recommendations and Corrections

Wordtune Editor's interface now takes a proactive approach to boost the quality of your writing.

As you jot down your thoughts, the Wordtune Editor presents a side panel featuring suggestions for original sentence improvement.

These suggestions, denoted by purple underlining, help enhance clarity and readability.

Moreover, Wordtune aids in identifying and correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes, ensuring error-free and polished text.

Intelligent Synonym Suggestions

Wordtune's Smart Synonyms feature helps you find the perfect word to capture your meaning.

When you highlight a word, Wordtune offers a list of fitting synonyms, considering the specific context of your Sentence.

This technology helps maintain a natural and coherent flow in your text and improves your writing style.

New Rewrite Capabilities

Paragraph Rewrite

You can now edit entire paragraphs with Wordtune. It breaks down your selected text into better sentences for more accessible and efficient rewriting.

This feature speeds up the rewriting process, particularly for lengthy articles.

Partial Rewrite Sentences

With this update, you can choose a part of a sentence, a phrase, or even a single word to rewrite.

Wordtune offer you a range of alternative ways, making your writing versatile and engaging.

Simultaneous Translation and Rewrite

This feature is a blessing for non-native English speakers.

You can write a sentence or part of it in a foreign language, and Wordtune will provide rephrased suggestions in English, aiding you in creating fluent, natural English text.

Wordtune pricing

Wordtune cost varies for individuals and businesses:

Free Account: ($0/month)

  • No charge at all.
  • Allows for up to 10 daily rewrites and alterations.
  • Provides 3 AI-generated prompts per day.
  • Offers three summaries per day.
  • Includes unlimited text corrections.

Plus Plan ($9.99/month, with a 60% discount on annual subscription):

  • Provides up to 30 rewrites and adjustments per day.
  • Allows for 5 AI-generated prompts each day.
  • Offers five summaries every day.
  • Comes with unlimited text grammar corrections and text suggestions.

Unlimited Plan: ($14.99/month, with a 60% discount on annual subscription)

  • Offers limitless rewrites and changes.
  • Features unlimited AI-generated prompts.
  • Provides an infinite number of summaries.
  • Includes unlimited text corrections and recommendations.
  • Comes with premium customer support.

Business Plan: (Price not specified)

  • It gives your entire team the ability to make unlimited rewrites and adjustments.
  • Comes with unlimited AI-generated prompts.
  • Offers infinite summaries.
  • Provides unlimited text corrections and suggestions.
  • Includes premium customer support and special billing.
Wordtune pricing


Here are some of the testimonials of Wordtune:

Testimonials 2
Testimonials 3
Testimonials 4
Testimonials 5
Testimonials 6

Pros and Cons of Wordtune Editor


  • Provides effective wording for professional communication.
  • Can fine-tune drafts quickly and offers multiple alternatives for phrasing.
  • Integrates well with social networks and various email editors.
  • Provides numerous suggestions for rewriting sentences.
  • Features a multilingual word search engine.
  • Wordtune helps create error-free and engaging written content.
  • Offers Wordtune Chrome extension.
  • Different tones.
  • Useful for rewriting sentences, making them more enjoyable to read.
  • Offers variations in writing styles, like casual or business, which assists users in varying their writing style.


  • The free option has limited features.
  • Occasionally, the tool may not provide suitable suggestions.
  • There's a limitation on the number of rewrites for free users.
  • Users would appreciate more integration options with other websites.

Wordtune Alternatives: Comparison With Other Tools

Considering the cons in mind, there are several alternatives to Wordtune in the market. Here are some of the other writing tools:

1. Grammarly

Testimonials 7

Grammarly is a widespread desktop app and AI writing assistant tool known for advanced grammar checking and spell checking. It also offers a plagiarism checker.

see also: Grammarly vs Quillbot

Key Features

  • The Grammarly desktop app offers comprehensive spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and style checks. 
  • It offers a Google Chrome extension.
  • It provides more detailed reasons for mistakes and corrections. 
  • Its premium plan offers additional features such as genre-specific writing style checks and advanced punctuation and grammar suggestions.



Grammarly offers a free account with basic grammar and spell-checking features. With more advanced features, the premium plan comes with monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription options.

Comparison with Wordtune:

When we compare Wordtune with Grammarly, the Wordtune online editor focuses on helping users express their thoughts with clear and compelling language.

While improving clarity, Grammarly tends to focus more on grammar and spell-checking.

Both have unique strengths, and their choice might depend on the user's needs. Both of these ai writing assistants offer a browser extension



Here's another big player in the AI writing arena - Jasper.

This AI writing tool is built for content creators, marketers, and business owners aiming for a copy that not just 'talks' but 'converts.'

Key Features

Jasper is like your personal brainstorming buddy that comes with many templates.

Jasper has a template for crafting a blog post, drafting an email, curating social media content, or churning out website copy.


Jasper pricing

Regarding pricing, Jasper operates on a 'you get what you pay for' basis.

The cost depends on how much content you want to generate and your desired features. Jasper also offers a free trial.

Comparison with Wordtune

So, how does Jasper stack up against Wordtune? While they're both powered by AI, they serve different purposes.

Wordtune focuses on refining and rephrasing your existing text, like a writing coach that helps you express your thoughts more accurately.

On the other hand, Jasper is like a great idea generator, dishing out new, persuasive copy designed to convert.

They're different ai tools, but both can be super handy depending on what you need for your writing task.

3. ProWritingAid

ProWriting Aid

ProWritingAid is like a detailed roadmap for your writing journey, pointing out the hiccups and guiding you toward smooth and effective communication.

Key Features

ProWritingAid is more than a basic spelling and grammar checker.

It dives deep into your text, evaluating its readability, style, sentence structure, and repeated words or phrases.

Imagine having over 20 different reports about your writing - incredible, right?

Plus, it's flexible. Whether you're a fan of Google Docs or can't live without Microsoft Word, ProWritingAid has got you covered with its versatile integration options.


ProWritingAid is all about options. Need a basic grammar checker without spending a dime? Try out the free version.

The premium monthly subscription is your go-to if you're craving more, like unlimited word checks and full platform integration.

You can get it monthly, yearly, or even for a lifetime if you're in it for the long haul.

ProWriting Aid pricing

Comparison with Wordtune

If we put ProWritingAid and Wordtune in the ring, they might look similar but have unique strengths.

Both are great for making your writing clear and fluid, but ProWritingAid also has a strong game in grammar checking, which reminds us a bit of Grammarly.

On the other hand, Wordtune is your friendly helper when it comes to rephrasing and refining sentences.

It focuses on understanding your intention and making sure your writing reflects that.

So, in the end, they could both be your writing's best friends, each with their own superpowers.

Our Take on Wordtune:

Wordtune Reviews: So, let's talk about our take on the Wordtune tool.

It's your new best friend in the world of writing online.

It's more than a spell-checker; this nifty tool, made by AI21 Labs, turns your thoughts into clear, concise written words.

The best thing is, it doesn't just pick up on typos; it helps you write like you, but better.

It's all about helping your writing skills shine through, whatever you're writing.

What's even cooler is how it works.

It'll give you a hand in picking the right tone, finding the right words, and making your writing flow just suitable.

So whether you're knee-deep in a hefty business report or whipping up a quick email, Wordtune has your back.

And the cherry on top? You get to pick how much help you need.

There's a basic free plan, but if you're looking for a better extra features, they've got paid plans offering a lot more.

When you stack it up against other tools like Grammarly, Jasper, or Copyleaks, Wordtune still stands out.

Its ability to get your context and polish your content is something else.

The bottom line, we're big fans of this great tool Wordtune that's why we use it.

Whether you're a student cramming for essays, a professional communicating with clients, or a content creator brainstorming your next viral blog post, this Wordtune tool could be just what you need to level up your writing projects.

Our recommendations: Give Wordtunes a go, on the free plan, and when you're blown away, get a paid plan to be completely "blown away"

We really hope our Review helped you.

Please feel free to leave a comment, love to hear your thoughts! 


FAQ frequently asked-questions, infographic yellow words FAQ, on blue pink background with -transparent question mark.

What's not so great about Wordtune? 

Well, like anything, Wordtune isn't perfect. Some folks feel a little let down by the free plan because it's limited.

And sometimes, the suggestions it throws out there aren't entirely on the money, especially in specific contexts. Plus, it'd be super helpful if it could buddy up with more websites and integrate better.

Does Wordtune hit the mark? 

Wordtune is using advanced AI technology that's really smart. It can pick up on the vibe of your one sentence and spit out suggestions that match it.

But, remember, it's a machine, not a mind-reader. It's genius, but it won't get it 100% right all the time.

Can you hit a limit with the free version of Wordtune? 

Afraid so. The free version of Wordtune gives you a sample of what's to come - you get a taste, but if you want its maximum capacities, and there's a lot, you'll need to shell out for their paid plans.

What's the upside of using Wordtune? 

Honestly, Wordtune can be a total lifesaver.

It's like having a buddy who's really good with words.

It gives suggestions on how to make your sentences more transparent, helps you adjust the formality and length of your text, and can even help improve your overall writing style.


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