AdWorkMedia Review: Supercharge Your Online Earnings [2023]

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• By Chris Manson
• Updated July 4, 2023

Our comprehensive AdWorkMedia review will show you how to supercharge your online earnings and achieve true financial success.

With affiliate marketing, a rapidly growing industry valued at over $17 billion as of 2023, there has never been a better time to explore the potential of AdWorkMedia.

AdWork Media Network is one of the leading performance based cpa marketing networks that provide monetization solutions, allowing website owners, bloggers, and affiliate marketers to convert their website traffic into substantial revenue streams.

In this Adworkmedia review, you'll discover the incredible potential of AdWorkMedia and how it can transform your online earning journey.

Learn about the various ad types, traffic strategies, and payment practices that can help you in making a decent income. 

So join us as we explore the potential of AdWork Media and its ability to turn your web and mobile traffic into a lucrative income source.

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What is AdWorkMedia?

adworkmedia review

AdWorkMedia, a leading cost-per-action (CPA) network established in 2010 and headquartered in Gainesville, FL, has earned a stellar reputation in the performance-based affiliate and digital marketing industry. 

As one of the leading CPA networks, AdWorkMedia works on a performance-based model, where publishers are paid for their audience's actions, such as completing a purchase, signing up for a service, or filling out a form.

In 2017, Bluebook recognized it as the 10th-best worldwide CPA network.

adworkmedia awards

With its proven track record and exceptional services, AdWorkMedia has become one of the trusted tracking platforms for publishers and advertisers alike.

The platform strongly focuses on providing users with a secure and transparent environment. 

The platform also offers competitive payouts and multiple payment options, ensuring publishers receive their earnings conveniently and timely.

Hence, this transparent tracking software allows publishers to monitor their campaign performance in real time, providing valuable insights into their profits and conversions.

Earning Potential and Legitimacy of AdWorkMedia

The potential earnings for publishers on AdWorkMedia are limitless.

The amount a publisher can earn depends on the specific type of advertisement they choose to display and the terms the advertiser sets.

Different types of ads, such as surveys, trials, downloads, email submissions, mobile CPIs, and mobile PIN/SMS campaigns, have varying pay rates.

It's important to note that factors such as the click-through rate, conversion rate, and earnings per click also play a role.

Additionally, the quality of web traffic you generate is crucial in determining your earnings.

The more targeted and engaged your audience is, the higher the potential for greater profits.

Payments are typically made around the 30th day of each month.

The amount covers the earnings generated by publishers from the 1st to the 31st of the previous month.

Let's look at a real-life case study showcasing this platform's potential

adworkmedia case study

Max's real case study-source Warrior forum

Meet Max; initially, his earnings were modest, but he didn't let that deter him.

Max leveraged AdWorkMedia's content-locking tools to their fullest potential.

Gradually, his earnings started to soar, going from $1–$4 daily to an impressive $100–$250 daily. 

With his income being 100% profit, Max built niche websites and drove traffic through YouTube and SEO efforts.

Max's success story is a testament to AdWorkMedia's possibilities to generate substantial income.

How AdWorkMedia Works

AdWorkMedia acts as a bridge between advertisers and publishers, offering unique monetization solutions for publishers and expansive advertising reach for advertisers.

Publishers can place ads on various platforms, including websites, social media accounts, and mobile platforms.

These ads can take different forms, such as ad walls, pop-ups, pop-unders, mobile, and exit traffic.

It is important to note, that there is a subtil difference between Cpa marketing and affiliate marketing...

Learn more: cpa-marketing-vs-affiliate-marketing

A publisher creates income-generating revenues by incorporating these ads into their WordPress blogs.

Publishers' commissions are based on specific actions taken by visitors who interact with the ads.

When a visitor completes a desired action, such as purchasing, signing up for a service, or filling out a form, the publisher receives a commission.

These actions may vary depending on the campaigns and offer available through AdWorkMedia.

This mutually beneficial arrangement enables both parties to leverage the platform for monetization and advertising success.

Getting Started with AdWorkMedia

Application Process and Verification Requirements:

adworkmedia sign-up form
  • To begin your journey with AdWorkMedia, complete and submit an application form.

  • Applications are typically processed within one business day, as AdWorkMedia carefully reviews each submission.

  • It's important to note that AdWorkMedia does not automatically approve publishers; they thoroughly verify the submitted web property or app to assess its suitability for acceptance.

adworkmedia sign up process video

 Short Adworkmedia video showing sign-up process

Important Considerations for Approval:

AdWorkMedia has a few requirements that need to be met for successful approval:

  • Applicants must be 18 years or older to be eligible for acceptance.
  • Your website should be content-based and not a collection of ads or promoting illegal activity.
  • Half-finished or incomplete websites or apps are likely to be rejected.
  • Websites that promote illegal activity, hateful material, sexual content, or violence will not be accepted.
  • Aim for clear and concise responses when providing answers during the application process.
  • Including your phone and Skype numbers in the application can facilitate communication and verification.
  • It's essential to describe your promotion methods clearly, outlining the strategies you plan to employ.
skype number describe

Steps to Start Promoting Offers and Monetizing Website or Mobile App Traffic:

steps to start promoting
  • Once accepted, select offers and monetization methods.

  • Now you can monetize anything from the app and mobile traffic to WordPress blogs, from Redirect traffic to parked domain traffic, etc.

  • Utilize content locker for premium content or product locker for products.

  • Choose CPA offers based on your blog's niche.

  • Request payment when your balance reaches $35.

Pros of AdWorkMedia

  • Legitimacy: AdWork Media is a legitimate platform trusted by publishers and advertisers.

  • Powerful Promotional Tools: It offers one of the best promotional tools in the performance-based affiliate networks industry.

  • High-Paying Offers: AdWorkMedia provides a wide selection of high-paying offers, securing its position among the top networks annually.

  • Adworkmedia Support: By clicking the support ticket system link, you can get assistance with any problem. 

  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager: Publishers receive timely assistance from professional affiliate managers to optimize their campaigns.

  • Referral Program: AdWork Media operates a referral program, allowing everyone, from publishers to app developers, from WordPress users to content creators, to earn a 3% commission on referred users.

  • Variation In Conversion Rates:  While European traffic tends to convert well, traffic from tier-3 countries may have lower conversion rates.

  • Referrals Proprietary Software: Publishers can access proprietary tools, including split testers, banner rotators, and pixel tracking.

  • Monthly $500 Sweepstakes: AdWork Media organizes monthly sweepstakes, providing an opportunity for additional earnings.

  • Wide Range of Payment Methods: AdWork Media supports various payment options, including Bitcoin, ensuring convenience for publishers.

  • Elite Network Reaching: AdWorkmedia cpa network consistently ranks among the top 5 networks, highlighting its status as an elite platform.

Cons of AdWorkMedia

Complex Approval Process: AdWorkMedia has a thorough approval process for publishers, which can sometimes result in applications being rejected.

Targeted Traffic Requirement: AdWorkMedia expects publishers to have targeted traffic sources to ensure the quality and relevance of their offers.

This may challenge publishers with broader or less target-specific niches, as they may find meeting the network's requirements more challenging.

Campaign Expiration: AdWorkMedia's campaigns have expiration dates, meaning that some offers may become unavailable after a certain period.

This can be a disadvantage for publishers relying on long-term monetization strategies.

Termination Policies: AdWorkMedia reserves the right to terminate a publisher's relationship at any time, with or without cause.

While this provides flexibility for the network, it can disadvantage publishers who heavily depend on AdWorkMedia network for their monetization efforts.

Sudden termination can disrupt revenue streams and require alternative monetization options.

Possible Fraudulent Activities: Like any affiliate network, AdWorkmedia affiliates face the risk of fraudulent activities on the adworkmedia network, such as fake leads or unethical practices.

AdWorkMedia Tools for Monetization

AdWorkMedia sets itself apart from other CPA networks through its excellent publisher tools that offer an easy way to monetize website traffic and generate leads.

Let’s explore a few of them:

Content Locker

  • Enhance click-through and conversion rates. While regular links and banners have single-digit conversion rate, the content locker has double-digit conversion rates

  • Lock premium content, requiring users to complete an offer to access it.

  • Increase user engagement and motivation.

  • Proven to be effective for websites with valuable content.

monetization tools

Example: A gaming website can lock access to cheat codes or in-game rewards, prompting users to complete offers to unlock the coveted content.

Link Locker and Shortener

  • Optimize conversions for content publishers.

  • Create locked links that redirect users to a relevant landing page.

  • Focus on conversions rather than just views.

  • Strategic placement within relevant content drives user engagement.

Example:  A tech blog can use a link locker to share a shortened link for a free software download, and users would need to complete a survey to free access the download page.

Product Locker

  • Generate high-quality leads for publishers.

  • Lock digital content such as music, videos, PDF files, or software.

  • Offer access to content in exchange for specific actions or tasks.

  • A win-win situation for publishers, users, and advertisers.

Example: A fitness website could lock the same page for access to a workout video series and offer users the option to unlock the same landing page by completing an offer or making a purchase.


  • Display personalized offers based on user interests.

  • Customized tool presenting relevant offers to users.

  • Increases the likelihood of user engagement and conversions.

  • Enhances the overall user experience and revenue potential.

Example:  A rewards website could display offers for online shopping, surveys, or trial sign-ups, ensuring a higher engagement and conversion rate for users.

business bureau involved content lockers-BBB

Payment and Withdrawal Process

When it comes to the payment and withdrawal process with AdWork Media, there are several essential aspects to know:

  • Payment Channels and Options: AdWork Media offers a range of payment channels to accommodate different preferences.

    Publishers can choose from options such as PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, ACH Deposit, Western Union, Payza, and Check.

  • Minimum Payout and Recommended Methods: Adwork media publishers must reach the minimum threshold to receive a payout. For Lead Earnings, the minimum payout is $35 US Dollars.

    You can select a convenient, relevant payment method, but because of low fees, we recommend Payoneer. 

  • Timing of Payments: Payments from AdWork Media are typically processed around the 30th of each month.

    These payments cover the revenue generated during the previous month, specifically from the 1st to the 31st. 

  • Referral Earnings Withdrawal: Referral earnings can also be withdrawn once they have reached the minimum payout threshold. Referral Earnings have a minimum threshold of $5 US Dollars.

  • Refund Deductions and Termination: In situations where termination occurs, and refund deductions are associated with the publisher's account, AdWork Media ensures that the publisher will still be paid all legitimate earnings up to the time of termination.

    These payments will be processed following the termination notice in the next payment cycle. AdWork Media upholds its commitment to fulfilling payment obligations for publishers, even in cases where refund deductions are involved.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts-infographics-man thinking in background is blue sky,birds,trees.

I have used a lot of cpa networks over the years, and I would say from my experience that it is one of the best for monetizing blog websites.

So, prepare yourself for the remarkable world of AdWorkMedia, the renowned leader in performance-based affiliate marketing!

Discover the power of their advanced tools like the global traffic monetizer, product locker, link locker, offer wall, in-house tracking software, and WordPress plugin, designed to transform your websites and apps into highly profitable ventures.

Experience the advantage of double-digit conversion rates, with content lockers, coupled with unwavering support from their dedicated affiliate managers, and unlock incredible earnings potential.

Take the first step towards your financial success in digital marketing by joining AdWorkMedia today!


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