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• By Chris Manson
• Updated June 29, 2023

Hey guys! We know there is hype about CPA networks everywhere. Every marketer talks about it, but nobody delves deeper into the details of choosing the right one.

Before going into the insights, let's clarify the concept of CPA (Cost-Per-Action).

The lead-related online advertising networks provide advertisements to sell something and get returns. In simple words, these networks work similarly to affiliate networks.

Marketers use these networks to get particular product sales, business leads, app downloads, company sign-ups, and other similar activities and results.

The good news is that affiliate marketers achieve remarkable results after using these platforms.

CPA networks act as a middleman between the advertiser and the affiliate marketers. The right choice decides your success and profitability rate.

It helps build long-term direct relationships with the audience, is easy to use, and gives access to great affiliate programs.

Choosing the right CPA network takes a little time and effort but trust us, it's rewarding. However, we have shared your load and found one of the best networks in the market.

We select CPAlead as the best CPA network for every affiliate program lover out there.

This CPAlead review-based article will unfold all the secrets of this good affiliate marketing platform.

So, let's begin with the cpalead review!

This article might contain referral links from our chosen partners, that may bring us a small commission at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure page for more details.

What is CPAlead?


CPA Lead is known as one of the best networks used to earn money online worldwide. It is a top-notch affiliate network that has become equally a buzzword for publishers and advertisers.

In 2006, it was launched to offer many different ad formats PPC advertising, CPA offers, CPI mobile app installs, banner ads, native ads, interstitial ads, and much more. Thus, there is always a cost for every action that someone takes.

According to an estimate, more than $100 million has been paid to the users of this good network since 2006. Its headquarters are located in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

Users from all over the world join this affiliate platform. Currently, 1.9 million users are actively using it. They are earning money while promoting their affiliate links effortlessly.

It simplifies the optimization and management tasks of your CPA campaigns

A few key features and benefits of CPA lead are given below.

Key Features and Benefits

key features and benefits
  • multiple payment options, assuring same day payout, with a relatively low payout threshold.

  • Gives the opportunity of creating a self-serve advertising system that only pays you after getting desired results.

  • A lot of mobile app monetization and great marketing tools are available on CPALead affiliate marketing networks.

  • You can get rewards in the form of virtual currency with the help of the Offer Wall feature.

  • Ease of integrating Appaflyer for advertising networks to manage user acquisition accurately and effectively.

  • You can utilize high-converting CPI (cost-per-install) offers with the help of the CPA lead platform.

  • The users can get unbeatable offers of CPE (cost-per-event). This feature always fascinates affiliate marketers.

  • The presence of the CPA lead network on Google Business has earned it a prominent name. (Got 4.6/5 rating from 286 honest reviews on Trustpilot)

  • More importantly, fewer risks are associated with using CPA leads.

  • It offers a provide detailed tracking system and a user-friendly dashboard to easily assess and analyze the information. A go-to platform's reliable tracking system is the heart of everything.

  • If you need a cpalead tutorial, there are loads available to help you understand the platform. This allows users to learn and earn easily.

  • It expands your marketing reach while providing the benefits of scalability and distribution. This feature sets CPALead apart from the rest.

Testimonial cpalead

Types of CPALead Offers

The main types of offers available through CPA lead include the following:

  • Survey offers can help you earn 30 cents to $3 after completing a ready-made survey.

  • A trial CPA offer is the type of offer that helps you to earn money after signing up for the trials. The trial is a particular product.

  • Mobile CPA offer is the CPA lead offer that allows you to easily earn from $3 to $10. You earn money only when your audience or visitors enter their mobile numbers in specific spaces before accessing the content.

  • Referral offers are just like the traditional affiliate marketing concept. You get paid whenever someone purchases something by clicking your provided link.


There are loads of offers created by CPAlead, but the above-mentioned are the primary focus.

CPAlead Review: Pros and Cons

CPALead review is incomplete without analyzing the right pros and cons. Here we evaluate a few advantages and drawbacks of using the network:


Fast Approval

CPA lead always offers you the benefit of fast approval. No other CPA network is best regarding instant approvals. Aridon gives a review on Warrior Forum and gets more than 40 optimistic replies.

He said his account was instantly approved after initiating dialogue with the team of CPA leads.

High Converting Offers

As we know that more conversions mean more money, CPA lead has a plus point here. It is because it provides the benefit of high-converting offers with impressive conversion rates.

David, one of our Quora colleagues, said: ''CPALead gives trustworthy offers to start CPA marketing''.

More Commission Rate:

This affiliate platform offers impressive commission rates. The publishers are always happy due to this benefit.

Extra Earnings

The CPALead affiliate marketing network runs a referral program, this way, publishers and marketers can earn extra money. Here is how you can get extra earnings with CPALead.

Tools & Training

CPA leads networks properly invest in their publishers. It provides them with training and tools to start. 

Anis at Full Time Home Business also claims that the CPALead provides great marketing tools. The training also helps to sign up for other affiliate marketing networks.


Low Credibility

There are a lot of fishy products in the provided offers of CPA lead. What if a publisher uses bad products on their website? It affects their credibility.

One of the reviewers, Rony Walter at Trustpilot, said that the CPALead " can decrease your site's credibility". He got fake traffic from CPALead.

Intrusive & Confusing Offers

Some offers on CPALead are hardly intrusive. Trials and mobile offers are one of them.

Many offers need to be clarified for naive or new users. It becomes a difficult decision to decide which one to choose from.

Late or no payments

Although the network offers instant payouts, still some users need help with issues. They get late payments and sometimes no payment at all.

However, the number of users who get late payments is only a few. In most cases, there are technical issues and user account issues to release timely payments.

If this happens to you then it is best to go to the platform and seek valuable assistance from customer support.

Limited Referral Earning

The publishers get referral earnings for around 6 months. Then the platform stops giving referral-earned money. This does not happen with other CPA networks. 

For example, BigCommerce is a CPA network that gives $1,500 per enterprise referral. Furthermore, it does not charge commission caps or minimum commitments.

Getting Started with CPAlead

Let's start with easy and quick sign-up and set-up account steps of the CPA lead network.

Sign Up Process for CPALead

cpalead one click sign up page

Sign up process is the first ladder toward a successful money-earning journey. Without signing up, you cannot use the network. Here are the simple steps to sign up for CPA lead.

Go to the official website of CPALead or visit

You'll find two sign-up options on the home page: Google sign-up or Email Sign up.

You can sign up with your Google account if you want to. The CPA lead network will get your name, email address, and date of birth and automatically create your CPA lead account.

On the other hand, you can also sign up with an email address by providing your first name, last name, email address, Skype name (optional), and password.

After filling in the information on the designated places, click on "Submit Information."

Your CPA lead account will be created within seconds. You can now log in to your account. It will show you a dashboard when you log in to it. Now, let the magic begin!

Approval Process and Tips to Get Approved Quickly:

Here are a few tips that will help you for getting your CPALead account approved quickly:

You can try using different browsers if you cannot sign up and it's showing blank spaces repeatedly.

Send an email to the support team about your issue. The team will reach out and solve your problem.

Clear your browser cookies. Cookies are often the reason behind your CPALead account sign-up and approval issue.

Always give true entries, don't fill in the required information with fake entries. Also, make sure you have read their requirements before applying for the CPALead affiliate marketer network.

Our sincere advice is: tell them the truth.

Still, if you get rejected, apply again after a gap of 3 days. You can also ask the customer service team "WHY" you got rejected after applying for registration.

How Often Will I Get Paid?

Fast Pay on my offer dashboard

If you look at my cpalead dashboard above, you will notice that the list of offers has a blue label "Fast Pay"

this means you will be paid daily payments after 24 hrs. All the other offers without this label will be on a NET30 Basis, meaning you will be paid at the end of each month.

It is useful to note that your minimum payout is after you make $10 in sales, which is one of the lowest networks in the game (most of the ones I use are from $50-$250)

CPA lead Offers and Earnings Potential

CPALead offers hundreds of attractive offers to its users. It means the potential of earning money is also very high.

Their users have more offer choices. Let's explore the most exciting offers available on CPA lead today allowing users worldwide.


This offer gives $3.75 CPI. It is available only for traffic in France. "FDJETE" is the promotional code used to get bonuses in e-credits. This is an amazing offer.


This offer gives a payout of a $1.21 CPI rate. But, it is only available for the specific traffic of Argentina. Another similar Bitso offer is available with $1.58 CPI. It is only for Mexican traffic.

Lord Mobile - Kingdom Wars

This offer has a $5.25 CPI. It is also for German traffic. The Hall of Artifacts allows you to discover ancient artifacts.



This offer comprises $1.28 CPI. It is only available for Canadian traffic. Plus, this is available only for new users.

CPA lead network provides numerous money-earning opportunities through offers, referrals, rewards, and gifts.

Here comes a question: how to choose the most lucrative offers from CPA Lead? So, here are the insights:

  • Don't get impressed with the higher CPIs. The size of the payment should not be your priority. Always analyze the payment model first.

  • Most users neglect to read the restrictions of the offers. So, always try to estimate the restrictions and limits of the offers.

  • Statistics are the key to choosing the right offer. So, analyze the statistics before getting into the insights of offers.

  • People neglect minimum amounts and get fed up when they don't get an extensive range of money. That's why it is essential to check on the least amount of money you can earn easily. Affiliate programs usually offer less.

  • The managers can help you in choosing the right offers. Try to get in touch with them in any way.

According to CPALead network authors, you can earn $1 to $50 per interaction. Some members have earned more than $1,00,000 with the help of this network.

As you have seen in the above-mentioned offers, the CPALead platform has much to offer. Not just this, it also gives prizes such as trips and luxury cars.

Thus, there are no limits and it all gets collected into your set payment method!

In addition to offers, CPA lead is a name of top-tier networks. It pays a 10% commission whenever someone signs up to CPAlead from your provided referral link.

Its affiliate program follows a single-tier commission. It gets a 5% commodore when a user gets a $100 commission.

More interestingly, you can use the platform 24/7 and get paid through different payment gateways like Paypal, bank transfer, Payoneer, wire transfer, and check.

User Experience and Exceptional Support

The best user experience and outstanding support decide how useful a certain CPA network is. And the CPA Lead network is super easy to use.

Credit goes to its simple and sleek user interface. Any new and naive user with little or no technical knowledge can use the platform easily. This is another reason why it has earned the best position as a good platform.

user experience and support

Likewise, the user-friendly interface of the CPA lead is incredibly smooth. This makes it effortless for the users to navigate different pages and options.

Its reliability and efficiency stand out from the crowd. Many publishers and advertisers have been using it for years. This is because they trust the platform.

CPA lead gives exceptional affiliate marketing experience and great customer support. Users' feedback and testimonials on the Business of Apps website show a super positive image of CPALead.

One of the users, Mickey Collier, said, "CPALead has never disappointed me in terms of user experience and support. Its user-friendly dashboard gives a breath of fresh air. My overall experience is highly positive."

Case Studies and Success Stories

There are hundreds of success stories about individuals who started from zero and became heroes with the help of CPALead. AffiliateFix states Stephen is one of them.

He started his CPALead journey seven years ago. Stephen's biggest shouts in the history of CPALead were based on $22,000 in a day.

The greatest ingredient behind his success story was never giving up and stopping at one thing.

Stephen tried to emerge with many platforms (even Facebook) and promoted new products on various pages and groups.

He began his product's niche page promotion by posting screenshots and videos. He tries to viral those video posts and earns thousands of dollars with FB adverts. Meanwhile, the CPALead network helps boost his CPA marketing journey.

Tdotbaby at Warrior Forum also shared his success story. He got his first payment right after two weeks. The addition of a widget, Content Unlocker, to his music site was the first step toward his success.

After that, he got a boom in the CPA lead market. His first payment was $950. Imagine how much he would have earned from the platform.

Millions! He said widgets are the first and foremost key features to get success on CPALead.

CPALEAD-partys and events for successful affiliates.

CPAlead-party events for successful affiliates, offering prizes

Once, a student of Harsh Nagar earned $3000 in one day. Harsh shared his success story on the Painite platform. Harsh is also earning thousands of dollars from getting commission from his 150+ referrals.

After getting a large amount of money from CPALead, he started moving towards other bigger CPA networks like CPABUILD, CPAGRIP, Amazon, and so on. He said "CPA marketing" is the future of networking.

Comparisons and Alternatives

We all know that the award of "The Hottest Company Of The Year 2021" was given to the CPALead. It is best for beginners. After getting expertise, the users can start using other networks too.

But it's the best network that gives Android and iOS app installs. No other platform and affiliate network gives this unique selling point with high performance.

According to the comparison of SimilarWeb 's review CPALead with other platforms, the tool states MaxBounty as the top competitor of CPALead.

MaxBounty is only focussed on Technology and Computers Electronics related products. However, CPALead has a sea of products and offers.

But, the MaxBounty network has more visitors in May 2023, and the CPAlead has a few users.

Now, let's compare the CPALead network with the CPABuild network. In the last three months, CPABuild has gotten more traffic and engagement than CPALead.

Moreover, the bounce rate of CPALead is 44.8%, while CPABuild got 35.50%. Both networks are working side-by-side.

But the main point is that CPALead gets more publishers from direct links and referrals, while CPABuild gets from direct links and social media.

Social media is one of many focuses of CPALead. And CPABuild gives fewer offers than other ones.

CPALead affiliate network Alternatives

CPALead itself mentions a lot of viable alternatives for its users. Let's consider a few of the alternatives below that can change your life:

Adgate Media

Adgatemedia login page

It was founded in 2011 and offers unlimited affiliate opportunities. These may include revenue models like Link Locker, File Locker, or content-locking tools. It generates revenue based on CPI offers and CPA offers. Thus, it is at the heart of CPA marketing.


Cpagrip salespage, there logo on blue background

It is another top-notch affiliate network that started in 2013 and gives remarkable results after monetizing the content with CPI and CPA ads.

Similar to CPALead offers, it uses Link, File, and Content Lockers. It's an easy and nice network, but I did not get any awards before.

Check the full cpagrip review.


This CPA network is also one of our favorite networks, along with the CPA lead's network. It started two decades ago, in 1998. Its standard pay terms are net 30.

Once Inc Magazine ranked a top retailer as a top 5000 company in the world.

The name of this network comes after that retailer. The main reason behind the success of ClickBank is the trustful and tested behavior of the network. Plus, it has multiple and flexible payment options.

We hope that these top-tier networks help you earn a lot of money!

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts-infographics-man thinking in background is blue sky,birds,trees.

CPALead offers a decent startup for tier-1 traffic sites and apps. One of the best affiliate marketing networks, it has great offers (from my humble experience).

From timely payments, the best support team, easy configuration, and a friendly interface to inspiring success stories, everything is worth it.

If you want to monetize your traffic, CPAlead is the right choice.

After thorough research, we recommend a reliable platform to our readers. Affiliate marketers and publishers can trust CPAlead.

Last but not least, its performance and credibility are unmatched.

Therefore, don't miss out on CPALead's best services. The go to platform for a bright future!


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