MyLead Review: Offers, Payouts—Is It A Legit CPA Network?

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• By Chris Manson
• Updated July 21, 2023

If you're an ambitious blogger or website owner seeking innovative ways to monetize your platform, MyLead could be a heavy contender, the cutting-edge legit affiliate network that opens doors to lucrative opportunities.

Today, we embark on an insightful journey to explore the riches MyLead brings to the table for its affiliates.

From the signup process to an extensive repertoire of enticing offers, we'll navigate through the platform's key features to help you make a solid founded decision about joining this revolutionary network.

Before reviewing, let's understand for a second the concept of CPA (Cost-Per-Action).

CPA networks are lead-related online advertising platforms that act as a middleman between an advertiser and an affiliate marketer.

These networks are very similar to affiliate networks, with a slight difference.

Affiliate marketers use CPA networks to get specific product sales, business leads, company sign-ups, app downloads, and other similar actions and results.

If you choose wisely, your CPA network it could considerably increase your earnings online.

So are you ready to unlock the potential of your blog or website? Let's get started with our MyLead Review!"

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Key Takeaways

Commission Types: CPA, CPI, CPL, CPS Offer Types: Apps, Casino, Dating, E-commerce, Forex, Gambling, Games, Health, Nutra, Pin Submit, Sweepstakes

  • Mylead is the best affiliate program that offers multiple opportunities for publishers and advertisers.
  • It supports partner programs, including credit card submission, SmartLink, VOD, dating, and downloading.
  • You can link your account to this app and get paid via Paypal, Bitcoin, Skrill, and WebMoney.
  • It allows referrals to earn extra income through affiliate programs.
  • Its authentication is quick, and you can join this network with ease.
  • Its user interface is easy to navigate, and you can see various tabs and features to explore your skills.
  • Its content locker is an exceptional tool for monetizing the SEO -optimized content.
  • You can use alternatives to maintain your assets.

What is MyLead? A global affiliate network

A global affiliate network distinguished from others owing to its innovation.

A world-class affiliate network for making money that has become equally beneficial both for advertisers and publishers and connects them through various partner programs.

offers mylead

Established in 2014, this CPA network provides a comprehensive platform offering 4300 affiliate programs. 

It is headquartered in Poznan, Poland. Currently, more than 500,000 users are actively using this global affiliate network. 

According to an estimate, the MyLead affiliate network has paid more than $12 million to its users, quite an amount in a few years!

This relatively new platform, as compared to other CPA networks, is completely transparent and trustworthy.

If an affiliate breaks any rule, before suspending their account, MyLead ensures to transfer their earnings to them.

If you have any doubts about whether MyLead is legit or not, trust me, it is indeed a legitimate platform for earning money online.

Key Features

  • Multiple payment options: You can choose modern solutions, such as WebMoney, and Bitcoin, in addition to Bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill, and Revolut.
  • Payment frequency: MyLead easily pays you the money quickly within 48 hours.
  • The minimum Payout is $20 which is a helpful support.
  • MyLead affiliate network offers several partner programs, including some of the most popular programs, such as smart links, credit card submit, VOD, email submit, dating, and downloads.
  • The platform has five monetization models and loads of various categories, each offering many services, comparison engines, and free monetization tools such as Content Lockers.
  • MyLead publishers are free to choose from almost 30 SmartLink offers that help them earn money and maximize their profit.
  • It has an innovative character in the form of a community-based type of great support system that works as a forum on the website.
  • This provides affiliates with a relaxed and loose atmosphere, where they can complain or exchange views on any program, feature, or related issue.

Types of MyLead Marketing and Monetization Models

Mylead monetizingmethods

There are five main types of marketing options available through the MyLead platform:

  • CPL, or Cost-per-lead, is a marketing model that allows an advertiser to make a commission every time someone signs up for or subscribes to their service.
  • CPA, or Cost-per-action, gets you paid when a person performs any specific action, like convincing people to purchase.
  • PPI (pay-per-impression) ads refer to actual software that you need your audience to install on their devices, laptops, computers, and mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). The number of times people view the ads, it generates revenue for you.
  • CPS, or Cost-per-sale, as it's clear from the name that you will earn a commission every time someone purchases through your affiliate link. But if your audience just goes on the site but doesn't buy anything, you don't get any commission.
  • SMS marketing is another innovative characteristic that makes MyLead the best network. In this scenario, the user sends a phone message to a service to request the download of a game or an app or to join a competition to earn prizes. Hence, SMS marketing can help you make money through commission.

Tools for Monetization

MyLead affiliate network sets itself apart from others due to its excellent publisher tools that allow users to monetize website traffic and generate leads. These great tools are real support, including:

Content Lockers

  • The content lockers enable you to have double-digit conversion rates in comparison to the regular links, which have single-digit conversion rates.
  • Ability to lock premium content; thus, it requires users to complete an offer to access it.
  • Increase the motivation of users and have proven to be effective for websites with valuable content.

Smart Link

  • Personalization of content for specific users.
  • It makes it easier for publishers to promote offers worldwide.
  • Smartlinks are time-saving by increasing the likelihood of the user performing the intended action.


  • HideLink or Link Cloaker allows MyLead to bypass bans on social media.
  • Eliminates traffic generated by bots, increasing the chances of conversion.
  • With its use, you can achieve 30% higher investment growth through work automation.

How Does MyLead Work?

Another aspect that makes MyLead stand out is its ease of use. To create your free account now, you need to follow these simple steps:

Sign Up Process of MyLead

Mylead review-featured image

Registration Process For many affiliates, signing up with an affiliate program raises concerns due to potential time-consuming verification procedures.

However, MyLead offers a hassle-free experience.

During registration, they simply request basic details: website presence and marketing strategy.

Account activation is seamless; a quick email confirmation grants access to the MyLead dashboard.

There, you'll find comprehensive campaign data, statistics, community interactions, and customer support options.

Ensure compliance by adding your main traffic source, typically your website. MyLead's diligence in filtering out spam sites safeguards their offers.

Neglecting the thorough verification process could lead to severe consequences for them.

This is primarily due to the possibility of certain publishers withdrawing their participation, resulting in a reduced pool of available offers.

MyLead Review: Pros And Cons

As any review is incomplete without pros and cons, to help you analyze why MyLead is the best, we have brought its pros and cons here:


Fast & Easy Approval

MyLead made it easy for you to activate your account and make money. We call it the best network, as there are no costs involved in starting your affiliate marketing journey on this platform.

User-friendly Platform

Even if you are new to affiliate marketing, you will find MyLead a beginner-friendly platform.

Here, you can't only get started easily but also start earning. The MyLead dashboard is another reason to join this platform.

The MyLead affiliate network is quite generous regarding the information it delivers. You can even download a PDF report that you can later analyze in detail.

Minimum Payment Threshold/ Good Payment Methods

Firstly, you don't need to pay any hefty fees to join the MyLead network. If you have a bank account, that is good enough; even if you don't have one, there are other payment options.

MyLead network allows affiliates to withdraw their money using bank transfer PayPal, which not all platforms allow.

Other payment methods include Revolut, Bitcoin, Wire, Skrill, Capitalist, and Webmoney.

So, generating money is effortless and due to so many payment options you can easily pay.

As a global platform, it enables affiliates from different countries to withdraw their payment immediately without paying outrageous transaction fees.

Moreover, you can withdraw money at the minimum payment threshold of just $20 (except Bitcoin), unlike other platforms where you have to earn the first $50 or $100 before being able to withdraw your money.

Internal Training Programs

Another good reason to join the MyLead affiliate network is its training programs for affiliates and publishers that are free of cost.

They help affiliates learn about earning money online and maintaining their growth.

The platform also provides free professional support to MyLead publishers.

Referral System

The referral system allows affiliates to earn extra money. Interestingly, affiliates can get a referral income of 5% for their lifetime if they promote affiliate offers and make money back through referrals.


Performance Based

One disadvantage of this network is that it's heavily performance-based. You only get paid when you have conversions.

Earnings are Unpredictable

The readers have to perform many actions in a row to purchase a product and earn a commission. Hence, you might not be able to assess the exact amount of money you make.

MyLead Earning Potential

mylead testimonial

MyLead is a global platform that connects advertisers with publishers. An affiliate's work on mylead is the best ever to promote or advertise a product or service from a publisher.

Many affiliate networks are there to facilitate advertisers and publishers by providing them with a platform to focus. Still, MyLead stands out due to its many exclusive features.

MyLead affiliate network offers many campaigns and categories you can test before deciding what suits you the best to promote through this platform.

Another plus about MyLead that shows its versatility is its availability in the adult niche.

So, if your website is about that niche, you can work through MyLead without worrying about your account being rejected.

Among the different categories you can find here are health, beauty, accessories (jewelry or presents), household products (home decor, furniture, garden, and pet niche), fashion, etc.

You can recommend appliances to your audience, including electronics.

A range of services are also available through this platform, such as insurance, loans, credit, and investment plans.

You can also tap into any famous affiliate programs managed by Udemy, Norton, Canal+, About You, Netflix Investment, and many others.

Commission rates with each affiliate program are different, as are cookie durations.

You have to make customized decisions based on your target audience's likelihood of purchasing the products and services that will help you earn money.

User Experience & Support System of the affiliate network

mylead User Experience- testimonial-from positive-clients-trustpilot

The support team of the MyLead affiliate network is remarkably fast to respond.

They offer great support in the form of email submit an understanding team that also remains available to you 24/7.

An intuitive and user-friendly platform, an easy-to-read publisher panel with all necessary information, and a helpful, round-the-clock available support team—what else can you ask for?

MyLead Competitors And Alternatives

With so many affiliate networks available, what is special about MyLead that makes it unique from its competitors? In simple words, it is a global affiliate network distinguished by innovation.

MyLead has the honor of getting recognized as the best affiliate network with smart links in 2020.

MyLead affiliate network also got the best affiliate network for e-commerce prizes from Conversion Club.

As a company, the MyLead affiliate network also won Deloitte Technology Fast50 Central Europe in 2020.

In March 2022, the Financial Times & Statistica put MyLead on the elite FT 1000 list, a collection of fastest-growing companies worldwide.

The professional attitude of the MyLead team also makes it the best network.

Once you enter the world of making money through amazing offers to constantly improve and update, you also want to know about other platforms.

That's why, for your ease, we have mentioned a few of MyLead's competitors.


MyLead Competitors And Alternatives (Affilorama)

Another affiliate network that believes in minimizing a huge number of potential hurdles for affiliates and enabling them to achieve success sooner in the world of affiliate marketing.

Like Mylead, they also provide step-by-step training and have tools to facilitate affiliate businesses in a simplified way.

Not an ordinary affiliate network, Affilorama is another great opportunity with various services for earning money online.



ShareASale is another platform with amazing affiliate offers that provide clients with the most innovative and comprehensive marketing strategies.

But compared to the MyLead affiliate network, this platform has a merchant set-up fee of $550.


assortlist-classified -ads

AssortList is an awesome website that specializes in providing free classified ads.

These advertisements belong to dozens of different categories, such as jobs, rentals, events, dating services, etc.

Hence, it is a good network for both consumers and businesses. Though free ads can be posted, fee-based services can also be used.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts-infographics-man thinking in background is blue sky,birds,trees.

MyLead has an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard, full support from an excellent MyLead team, five monetization models, great tools, and a free account opening facility.

Moreover, among other amazing offers, the multiple payment methods option is the best, with no need for hours using a bank transfer or waiting hours using a bank transfer.

This platform is helpful as it provides an easy way to earn money online through various services and affiliate programs.

It is a decent option for making money online, especially if you reside in Europe and your website audience is also European-based.

Right now, it might be a smaller affiliate network worldwide, and the number of offers might be lower, but it has much potential to grow.

In addition, it is always wise to rely on more than just one platform and always choose modern durable solutions.

When you try a few, you can benefit from their best features. Thanks for the read and best regards!


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