Voluum Reviews: The Surprising Lessons From 3 Years Of Use

Volume Reviews
• By Chris Manson
• Updated August 10, 2023

Voluum Reviews: 

In this Voluum review, I'll share my own 3 years of experience with you, showing you how it works, what I love, what I dislike, and who should use this tool.

I'll also discuss the alternatives you could consider in your marketing business, as well as the best plans and discounts of the moment!

In digital advertising and affiliate marketing, having a tracking and optimization tool can make all the difference between success and mediocrity.

Among the many options available, I have chosen Voluum for this blog to review.

After three years of using Voluum, I have gathered invaluable insights that have shaped my strategies and transformed how I approach online marketing.

I'll recommend you to read the entire article as it will help you make a solid decision, saving you time and money!

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What is Voluum: An Overview

voluum Overview

Voluum is one of the marketing tools available online for ad optimization. It enables marketers to: 

  • Improve their campaign management and performance
  • Achieve advertising objectives
  • Real-time data
  • save time with automatization and rule-based commands
  • Secure monitoring
  • And excellent optimization capabilities, with easy landing page rotation

By managing, and optimizing paid and organic traffic sources efficiently, Voluum enables a business to:

  • Gain a deep understanding of how users respond and then tailor marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • This will help achieve improved outcomes across all platforms.

The software team has a deep understanding of artificial intelligence, and they've integrated powerful AI, one of their standout features, to enhance traffic optimization.

Their platform helps individuals gain comprehensive insights into their campaigns, enabling data-driven decisions- and making seamless communications with their teams.

Voluum easily integrates with a number of ad-running platforms like Facebook, TikTok, etc. And that's why it's way easier for beginners who run ads on these platforms.

It includes detailed optimization capabilities which helps to achieve better results and make the most of your campaigns.

To understand how much profit and money you can make with this tool, watch this video: what is Voluum>>

voluum reviews- So Who Is Voluum For?

  • Marketers, Media buyers, affiliates, and businesses looking to monitor their marketing campaigns.
  • An in-house media buyer and any agency looking to track and manage a paid and organic traffic source from a unified platform.
  • Companies that require inbound call tracking to analyze incoming calls from various marketing channels.
  • E-commerce businesses for attribute phone call conversions to specific advertising channels and enhance customer experiences. 
  • Any multichannel business engaged in SEO, social media, and PPC needs to measure each channel's impact on generating phone call leads.
  • Marketers and call centers focused on driving inbound calls and seeking advanced call tracking and analytics capabilities.

voluum reviews- How Voluum Software Works?

How Voluum Software Works video

Voluum makes advertising easier by connecting your account to popular ad networks like Google Ads, Revcontent, and MGID.

The best part is that Voluum provides more detailed data than you'd usually see on one dashboard.

In simple terms, Voluum simplifies ad management by bringing all your ad networks together in one platform and giving you better insights to make your advertising more successful.

Here's a detailed explanation of how it works:

voluum reviews-Ad Tracking:

Voluum provides individuals with a complete view of their campaign performance by consolidating data from different sources.

The great feature of Voluum is it acts as a centralized hub for tracking all types of advertising campaigns, including:

  • Native
  • Display
  • Search
  • Push
  • Social
  • And video.

It integrates with over 70 ad platforms, including popular ones like:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook
  • Taboola
  • TikTok, and more. 

Voluum integrates with over 70 ad platforms

Detailed Data Collection:

The software collects detailed data about website visitors, clicks, and paid organic traffic conversions.

Optimization Tools:

Voluum offers powerful optimization tools to help individuals and businesses to improve the performance of their campaigns.

The outstanding feature of its AI is that it intelligently distributes a traffic source to the best-performing offers, landing pages, or entire campaign flows. (saves a lot of time!)

Campaign Automation:

Detailed Data Collection:

The software collects detailed data about website visitors, clicks, and paid and organic traffic conversions.

Optimization Tools:

Voluum offers powerful optimization tools to help individuals and businesses to improve the performance of their campaigns.

The outstanding feature of its AI is that it intelligently distributes a traffic source to the best-performing offers, landing pages, or entire campaign flows. 

Campaign Automation:

How to use Whitelists Blacklists in Voluum Automizer video

Voluum simplifies affiliate campaign management by integrating with ad media and then providing automation tools.

The Automizer feature allows you to set up rules, and alerts for various actions, such as passing conversions, pausing or activating campaigns, changing bids, white and black lists, and auto-updating traffic costs.

This automation eliminates switching between different dashboards and having your nose glued to the dashboard, making both affiliate network and campaign management more efficient.

My Experience with Voluum: Personal Usage for Three Years

My proof of use for 3 years

My proof of use for 3 years

After spending several thousands of dollars purchasing their plan, I can say that Voluum offers some valuable cool features. 

Let's take a detailed look at the platform:

Voluum's Customer Support: A Rare Gem in the World of Tracking!

Voluum's Customer Support

One of the standout aspects of Voluum is its customer support, What truly sets them apart is their unique offering of a personal account manager to their customers - a gesture seldom seen among similar platforms.

However, this is only possible with higher agency plans.

This dedicated service ensures that any issues or queries are handled with precision and personal attention.

Moreover, the accessibility to reach out to these account managers via WhatsApp is fantastic if you have a large agency.

This modern approach not only streamlines communication but also ensures quick and personalized responses, enhancing the overall user experience.

Please Note: To get the best customer support, you will have to be on the higher plans such as the "agency plan" at $999/mo or the "Enterprise plan" at $1999/mo.

I am on the profit plan at $199/mo, this is ,enough for my small business, but the support is serious and competent, but it's only by email and from my experience, it takes around 24 hrs for them to reply!

My email reply from Voluum, concerning a cost per visit query

My email reply from Voluum, concerning a cost per visit query

  • Overall Rating: 9/10

User Interface: Navigating Voluum Like a Pro!

While Voluum's user interface is functional and offers powerful features, it may appear technical and overwhelming for beginners.

However, with some guidance from customer support, navigating the platform becomes easier, especially for an experienced marketer and business individual.

Voluum review my voluum dash board

Voluum simplified my first affiliate campaign management, providing essential tools and automation features that helped me to make profit.

 • Overall Rating: 7/10

Seamless Integrations: Voluum's Power to Connect with Top Affiliate Networks and Ad Platforms!

Voluum-Connect with Top Affiliate Networks and Ad Platforms!

A good tracking software should seamlessly integrate with an affiliate network and ad platform.

Voluum does an impressive job in this area.

It is integrated with top affiliate networks like ClickBank, Maxbounty, Mobidea, and much more.

Additionally, Voluum supports ad channels such as Taboola, Facebook, Google, MGID, and others.

MGID Integration: Your Ticket to Unstoppable Native Advertising Success

MGID Integration

Among the many integrations, one that stands out is MGID.

Voluum integrates seamlessly with MGID, a native advertising platform.

Native advertising is an effective way to blend ads with content, increasing engagement and conversions.

  • Overall Rating: 9/10

My MGID dashboard perfect integration with Voluum

My MGID dashboard perfect integration with Voluum

Top Features and Benefits

Rule-Based Traffic Distribution: 

You can set up rules in Voluum to redirect your traffic to different landing pages, offers, or paths based on specific conditions.

This targeted approach increases your conversion rates and can boost your campaign effectiveness.

Easy Tracking:

Voluum makes it simple to track your desktop and mobile ad campaigns all in one place.

With its high-speed, you won't miss any clicks or conversions.

Optimize Your Campaigns:

Voluum provides real-time reporting, data grouping, and A/B split test to help you fine-tune your campaign settings for better targeting and improved test results.

Different Modes:

It offers various tracking methods to comply with browser privacy rules and specific requirements of different traffic sources, ensuring accurate reporting.

Traffic Distribution:

Traffic Distribution

Get good results with Voluum's Traffic Distribution AI, which automatically sends more traffic to the best-performing elements of your campaigns, saving you time on manual optimization. (It's a lifesaver for me!)

Automate Your Marketing:

Automate your campaign

It offers automation features, including API, bot filtering, and notifications, allowing you to improve your campaigns 24/7 without constant manual effort.


Voluum Automizer

You can integrate your traffic with Voluum to control all your campaigns from a single platform.

You can set up rules to auto-enhance your affiliate campaign setup, change bid values, and pause or resume campaigns as needed.

For example, if the ad network is fully integrated with Voluum eg MGID.

You can increase or decrease automatically the BID on a particular creative or site ID if it meets a certain rule that you have programmed, all from the Voluum dashboard!

Anti-Fraud Kit:

Voluum Anti-Fraud Kit

Voluum helps protect your campaigns from bot traffic and suspicious clicks by automatically detecting and flagging potentially harmful activity in your reports.

This safeguard enables you to maintain data accuracy and prevent loss of funds.

Team Collaboration:

For teams working on campaigns, it offers helpful collaboration features.

Additional users can be granted a custom plan or permissions, allowing a great partner or partners to work together within a single Voluum account.

Workspaces allow people to create separate groups with different access levels, helping to organize teamwork effectively.

Shared reports can be generated for partners or clients, and a white-label solution is available for branding purposes.

Voluum Pricing:

See our: Voluum deals and pricing

The tool offers different plans for individuals and businesses.

Plans for Individuals

Voluum Pricing table

1. Profit Plan - $199/month:

  • Ideal for individuals looking for an economical option to maximize results with AI and automation.
  • Includes 20 active campaigns and retains data for six months.
  • Offers three custom domains and one dedicated domain.
  • Provides a 24-hour service level agreement (SLA).
  • Auto-rules with ten auto-rules available.
  • Rule-based traffic distribution to maximize a campaign.
  • Offers three workspaces for organized campaign management.

2. Scale Plan - $349/month:

  • Suitable for expanding ad operations and combating bot requests.
  • Includes 60 active campaigns and retains data for 12 months.
  • Offers five custom domains and one dedicated domain.
  • Provides a 12-hour service level agreement (SLA) for faster support.
  • Includes a 1-hour onboarding call to get started smoothly.
  • Offers 14 days of chat support in the platform for immediate assistance.
  • Auto-rules, with 20 auto-rules available.
  • Rule-based traffic distribution for targeted campaign optimization.
  • Provides five workspaces for better campaign organization.
  • Includes  AI at the landing page level for smarter traffic allocation.
  • Offers 1 Big Data Report for in-depth analysis.

Pricing Plans for Businesses

Pricing Plans for Businesses

1. Start-up Plan - $599/month:

  • Perfect for growing businesses seeking protection against ad fraud. Hence, I name it a Grow plan.
  • Includes one week of individual onboarding and one month of chat support for a smooth start.
  • Provides a 4-hour service level agreement (SLA) for faster support.
  • Retains data for 12 months for comprehensive analysis.
  • Offers cookieless tracking for enhanced privacy and compliance.
  • Standard API for seamless connectivity with other tools and platforms.
  • Auto-rules and API integrations with popular platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok, and more.
  • Includes  AI and Rule-based Traffic Distribution for optimized traffic management.
  • Provides ten workspaces for efficient campaign organization.
  • 5 Big Data Reports for in-depth, actionable insights.
  • Allows two additional users and one read-only user for collaboration.
  • Includes Anti-Fraud Kit to detect and prevent fraudulent traffic.
  • 10 Shared Reports for sharing data with partners or clients.

2. Agency Plan - $999/month:

  • Designed for agencies looking to scale faster with VIP support.
  • VIP Account Management via Skype/email/Zoom for personalized assistance.
  • 2-hour service level agreement (SLA) for priority support.
  • Retains data for 18 months for extensive historical analysis.
  • Cookieless tracking and Standard API for seamless integration.
  • Managed Service as an add-on for more comprehensive support.
  • Auto-rules and API connection with leading ad channels, including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok, and more.
  • Advanced Facebook Integration included for enhanced capabilities.
  • Rule-based Traffic Distribution for optimized traffic allocation.
  • Twenty workspaces for better campaign management.
  • 10 Big Data Reports for reporting and analysis.
  • Allows five additional users and eight read-only users for team collaboration.
  • 30 Shared Reports for sharing data externally.
  • 4-Dimensional Reports for more complex insights.
  • VIP Servers for faster data processing.

3. Enterprise Plan - $1999/month:

  • Offers the best value for large agencies or media-buying teams.
  • VIP Account Management via Skype/email/Zoom for top-tier support.
  • 1-hour service level agreement (SLA) for highest priority support.
  • Retains data for 24 months for extensive historical analysis.
  • Cookieless tracking and Enhanced API for advanced integration options.
  • Managed Service as an add-on for more comprehensive support.
  • Auto-rules and API integrations with leading ad platforms, including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok, and more.
  • Advanced Facebook Integration included for enhanced capabilities.
  • AI and Rule-based Traffic Distribution for optimized traffic allocation.
  • Forty workspaces for efficient campaign organization.
  • 30 Big Data Reports for detailed reporting and analysis.
  • Allows ten additional users and 20 read-only users for extensive collaboration.
  • 50 Shared Reports for sharing data externally.
  • 4-Dimensional Reports for more complex insights.
  • VIP Servers for faster data processing.
  • White Label Shared Reports as an add-on for branded data sharing.

These Voluum pricing plans cater to different business needs, offering all the features, VIP customer support, and extensive data retention for agencies and media-buying teams of all sizes. Notably, at present, Voluum does not provide any free trial options.

How to Use Voluum to its Full Potential?

To leverage the full potential of Voluum in your efforts, you can integrate it with inbound call-tracking software,  gain valuable insights and enhance your advertising strategy.

Here's how you can do it:

1. Integrate Voluum and Inbound Call Software:

Choose an inbound call tracking application or software and integrate it with Voluum.

Add pages with phone numbers as offer pages in Voluum and ensure your offer URL contains the Voluum click ID token.

Create a URL Parameter to capture values from the offer postback URL for dynamic use in Voluum S2S postbacks.

 Obtain a postback from Voluum and add it in Ringba under Pixels/Create Pixel.

2. Measure Costs

By integrating inbound call tracking with Voluum, you can measure your total advertising costs and revenue.

This allows you to understand the impact of your marketing efforts on generating calls and conversions.

3. Enhance Advertising Strategy

Analyze the data from inbound call tracking and Voluum to see how your marketing efforts translate into calls.

Use the insights to optimize your advertising strategy and increase call numbers or conversion rates.

4. Gain All-in-One Insights

With Voluum and inbound call monitoring software integrated, you have the key to combine data from numerous marketing channels and inbound calls.

You can take advantage of the power of customer information and make targeted marketing decisions by utilizing Voluum with inbound call tracking. This will improve outcomes and increase the success of your campaigns.

Voluum: Pros and Cons


  • Voluum understands different professionals' unique needs and requirements, making it suitable for online business owners.
  • With Voluum, you can centralize the management of paid and organic traffic. 
  • The integration of artificial intelligence enhances Voluum's capabilities by automating the optimization of traffic. This means the software can intelligently adjust campaigns in real-time, maximizing performance and return on investment.
  • Voluum recognizes the importance of teamwork in marketing operations. It enables multiple team members to collaborate on campaigns while providing different levels of access control, ensuring that each team member can work efficiently without compromising sensitive data.
  • Voluum offers various features and tools specifically tailored for performance marketing
  • Security is a top priority when dealing with affiliate marketing data, and Voluum addresses this by employing a banking-standard infrastructure. 
  • This ensures that sensitive information remains protected from unauthorized access and potential breaches.
  • Voluum's reliability and constant uptime ensure that affiliate marketing campaigns run smoothly without interruptions. This is crucial for time-sensitive campaigns and businesses operating across different time zones.
  • One can benefit from professional support and guidance from Voluum experts. Training videos ensure that a person has the necessary resources to learn the software.


  • Some individuals find Voluum to be expensive compared to other software on the market.
  • There may be a learning curve when first using Voluum, but the good news is that their support team is accommodating and responsive in guiding through any difficulties.
  • Voluum retains data for up to 6 months, after which it may not be accessible without additional cost. For example, I used to purchase 6 months of extra data from the points reward system.
  • While Voluum is great for tracking, some individuals feel that affiliate reporting could be more robust and offer more options for analysis.
  • Although Voluum works well with many traffic sources, there may be a few platforms where the integration process could be improved for better performance.
  • I personally found that if the ad platform is not fully integrated the price of your product that you enter is not always accurately tracked, and complicated manual entries are required!

Voluum Reviews- VoluumAlternatives:

Keeping the Voluum cons in mind, let's look at three popular alternatives to Voluum: ClickMagick, RedTrack, and BeMob. 

1. ClickMagick

ClickMagick Alternative

ClickMagick is a web-based optimization platform primarily used for tracking clicks and conversions in online affiliate marketing, solo ads, and email marketing campaigns. Clickmagick is particularly suited for bloggers.

Pricing: ClickMagick pricing starts from $49/mo. They offer a 14-day free trial.

Key Features: ClickMagick offers robust link and conversion tracking, split testing, advanced traffic quality analysis, and analytics.


  • User-friendly interface
  • quality filter for traffic (solo ads)
  • Excellent customer support
  • Ability to track and maximize all types of affiliate marketing campaigns.

Read more: ClickMagick Full Review>> and also: ClickMagick Vs Voluum

2. RedTrack

RedTrack Alternative

RedTrack is also a cloud-based tracker designed to help businesses monitor, track and improve their online campaigns effectively.

Pricing: RedTrack pricing begins at $149/mo. Interested users have to submit a request for free trials.

Key Features: RedTrack offers real-time tracking, multiple conversion types, advanced reporting, automated rules, fraud detection, and integration with an affiliate network.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Excellent performance analytics
  • Detailed reports
  • Seamless connection with traffic sources and affiliate networks.

3. BeMob

BeMob Alternative

BeMob software is aimed at affiliate marketers, offering a range of tools to monitor and analyze campaigns.

Pricing: BeMob pricing starts from $49/mo. They offer a free trial, albeit with limited features.

Key Features: BeMob provides click and conversion tracking, A/B test, traffic distribution, and support for various traffic sources and an affiliate network.


  • Easy interface
  • Quick setup
  • Extensive reporting options
  • Reliable tracking software
  • Affordable pricing plans

All the above-given alternatives have advantages, and the best choice depends on individual needs and preferences. Some business owners prefer the simplicity of ClickMagick, while others may prioritize the more extensive capabilities of RedTrack or the quick setup of BeMob.

Voluum Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Voluum Testimonials 1
Voluum Testimonials 2
Voluum Testimonials 3
Voluum Testimonials 4
Voluum Testimonials 5
Voluum Testimonials 6

These stories highlight how different businesses and agencies have scaled their advertising, increased conversion rates, and reduced ad costs with the help of Voluum.

Our Take on Voluum

Voluum is without a doubt one of the best trackers for affiliate marketers, notable for media buyers (paid advertisements).

Basically, whenever you buy traffic to an ad campaign you will need to know everything about where that visitor came from to be able to test, optimize and make money.

For example, what browser, country, state, operating systems, mobile operators, Ip address, CPV, EPV, and the list goes on.

Yes, Voluum is needed to track all these granular metrics, without such a tracker you won't have a hope in hell to make a decent profit!

So, in this Voluum review, we have seen that:

  • Voluum is a powerful tracking tool with good customer support and integration capabilities.
  • The tool has easy to use and simple dashboard and metrics
  • While its user interface might be challenging for beginners, good serious customer support is never far away.
  • MGID, Taboola, Outbrain, and Revcontent integration, just to mention a few, offer a quick setup for native advertising and push ad campaigns.

I would definitely recommend this excellent tracker from personal experience if you are serious about media buying.

Voluum publicity, control ads from just one platform


FAQ frequently asked-questions, infographic yellow words FAQ, on blue pink background with -transparent question mark.

What are the benefits of Voluum?

Voluum has some advanced features for tracking and analytics, empowering marketers to improve campaigns for better performance, higher conversions, and increased ROI.

What is a Voluum Tracker?

Voluum is a leading affiliate marketing tracking platform that helps marketers to monitor, analyze, and optimize their campaigns easily.

Who is the founder of Voluum?

The company behind Voluum is Codewise, a technology company specializing in ad tracking and optimization.

The founder of Codewise and Voluum is Robert Gryn. He established the company in 2015 to provide digital advertisers with advanced analytics and tracking software solutions.The CEO is at present Aleksander Fronczek

How do you set up Voluum?

Setting up Voluum involves the following general steps:

  1. Sign up for a Voluum account on their website.
  2. Create a new campaign in Voluum by providing relevant details like campaign name, target URL, and traffic source.
  3. Generate a tracking link in Voluum for your campaign, which will help monitor and analyze the traffic.
  4. Implement the generated tracking link in your ads.
  5. Set up additional tracking parameters or postback URLs for more advanced tracking.
  6. Monitor the performance of your campaigns through Voluum's analytics and optimization tools.

What is Voluum Used for?

Voluum tracks advertising campaigns across various channels, offering features like campaign tracking, conversion tracking, analytics, A/B testing, and traffic optimization.

How can organic traffic be tracked?

Organic traffic can be tracked simply. Follow the steps below to do this:

  1. Create an 'Organic' traffic source from a template (or use one you already have in your account) and utilize it in your campaign.
  2. Implement an organic tracking script on your landing page (accessible after saving an organic campaign).
  3. Create a second campaign for bought traffic using the same landing pages and offers.
  4. Voluum can distinguish between organic and paid visits (the latter comes from activating the lander tracking URL); therefore, you don't need to develop any additional tracking scripts besides the organic one.


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