Thrive Suite Review [2024] – Is It The Ultimate Page Builder?

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• By Chris Manson
• Updated April 11, 2023


 In this Thrive Suite Review, we break down:

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What is Thrive Suite?

Thrive Suite is a set of WordPress tools designed to allow the user to create a WordPress site, blog posts, and landing pages in a simple, practical, and beneficial way.     

Thrive Suite is a resource that is conversion-focused, meaning that its products are not only designed to perform, but also Thrive Clever Widgets allow the user the digital marketing tools necessary to create conversions, and therefore provide revenue for the website or blog.


Who is Thrive Suite for?

If you need to create an eye-catching website or blog coupled with digital marketing conversion-focused landing pages, sales funnels, lead capture, or opt-in /thank you pages;

that generate revenue then you will need Thrive Suite formally known as Thrive membership.

 For a newbie, Thrive Themes allows you to use WordPress themes as well as a no-code drag-and-drop editing option that will let you create outstanding websites without any technical knowledge.

 Thrive Suite is Definitely Taylor to local businesses, freelancers, digital nomads, and bloggers, as well as being great for product creators, online course creators, affiliate marketers, digital marketing agencies, or content marketers.

Is Thrive Suite worth it?

Thrive Suite is definitely worth it because :

• Contains all the necessary tools to succeed online, for both experienced and newbies, without the need for additional costly plugins.

• products are updated regularly with new features, integrations, and unique templates.

• Since Thrive suite is a theme and plugin developed by the same company, incompatibilities are not an issue making technical support a breeze.

• Cost-effective-money-back 30-day guarantee-try Thrive Themes for 30 days and decide whether it's for you.

What does Thrive Suite include?

Among the benefits you get with the purchase of a Thrive Suite membership, you get the following products:

  • Thrive Theme Builder
  • Thrive Architect
  • Thrive Optimize
  • Thrive Leads
  • Thrive Quiz Builder
  • Thrive Ultimatum
  • Thrive Apprentice
  • Thrive Comments
  • Thrive Ovation
  • Thrive Automator

Thrive Theme Builder

Thrive Theme Builder Dashboard

If you want to create a beautiful unique WordPress website and you are not very technical Thrive Theme Builder is the perfect option for you, because:

• With this Thrive Theme Builder-WordPress plugin, you have the ability to edit almost every part of your site without having to write a single line of code,

• Once you purchase the Thrive Themes membership and install thrive theme builder, you can edit by dragging and dropping the elements you want to create a design.

• When installed on your WordPress website, you can activate one of the themes according to your preferences.

• You can choose between Kwik, Shapeshift, Omni, Jaya and Xpert, and the latest themes, are Jaya and Xpert, to offer a wider variety of templates for a quick start.

Thrive latest themes Jaya and xpert.

A bit about the out-the-box Thrive Themes:

Meet Ommi
With its inviting warmth, Ommi proves to be the perfect choice for cultivating a personal brand that effortlessly makes your audience feel right at home.

Meet Kwik:
Combining sleekness and lightning-fast speed, Kwik stands as the ultimate choice for creating a stunning website that prioritizes performance over unnecessary frills.

Meet Bookwise:
Establish a polished website for your indie author persona, fostering meaningful connections with your readers and ultimately boosting book sales.

Meet Jaya:
Immerse your audience in a yoga-inspired ambiance, presenting your creative ideas, showcasing exceptional courses, and inspiring your target audience to embark on a transformative journey.

Meet Xpert:
Elevate your coaching business with a captivating, conversion-focused website, unlocking the power to attract and enroll new students today.

• BTW, at the beginning of the installation, they have a great video wizard, which guides you through a complete how-to set up a new website in record time.

• If you already use a WordPress Thrive theme builder combo with your website and want to try thrive suite, a few clicks are enough to change the look of your website without losing the design, fonts, or colors.

Thrive Architect plugin

Thrive Architect is a page builder plugin that comes with the WordPress theme that also allows the creation of conversion-focused pages. It offers full visual control over the look and feel of your website.

You have access to template packs, meaning that, if you have to make a complete website you can import pre-designed templates for the Homepage, About Us, Contact, Portfolio, and Landing page.

Besides that, you can enable or disable elements according to the device on which you visualize them. Mobile compatibility is essential in terms of navigation for users. ☐

 Thrive Optimize

Thrive Optimize dashboard with stats displayed

Among the variety of sales optimization tools, many agree that Thrive Optimize is the ideal choice for A/B testing landing pages.

For those unfamiliar with the term A/B, it's a matter of testing two identical pages (e.g. a landing page, opt-in page, lead magnet, sales funnel, etc.) against each other but with just one element which is different e.g. The headline or image.

So Thrive Optimize is able to alternate between the two pages and determines a winner based on the number of desired actions on each page.

Thrive Architect's A/B testing engine allows you to perform A/B tests on your WordPress pages directly from the WordPress dashboard, eliminating the need to experiment with code snippets.

This makes it incredibly easy to create different versions of your pages and test them without having to manage multiple pages and campaigns.

In summary, Thrive Architect's A/B testing engine simplifies the process of A/B testing and allows you to optimize your pages quickly and easily.

Another tool that could help you is Thrive Headline Optimizer, which has the function of testing the A/B plugin for your website's headlines, so it can tell you which headline works better, very cool.

Thrive Leads

This tool allows you to build an email list through contact forms and pop-ups. 

With this gem, you will be able to generate various types of subscription forms, many of which are hard to resist if done right.

To help increase your opt-in rates it comes with hundreds of irresistible subscription form templates that you can use on your blog or website, to grow your email list, or participate in a webinar.

There are different types of styles and positions for the forms e.g. a Widget, Lightbox, Banner in header/footer, middle side, etc., Blocked content, or Multi-step forms.

It is an effective tool as it has everything you need to persuade readers to sign up to your email list, a webinar, or a course.        

Thrive leads are well integrated with the majority of Autoresponders out there (Mailchimp, active campaign, getresponse, Aweber, among others), with more to come.

Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder Dashboard

With Thrive Quiz Builder, you can make creative, professional quizzes without having to program or code at all, and the best thing is it won't take you all week to set up!

The plugin has a visual builder, through which you can design the flow, the questions, and the final look of the Quiz.

In addition, there are several cool template designs to choose from, or you have the option to build from a blank template if you wish.

Thrive Ultimatum

 Just as the word says, using “urgency” to convert is an old-hat method but trust me it still remains a very effective method today. 

Although sometimes users are already blind to statements that say "The offer is valid for today only" people in a moment of FOMO (fear of missing out) will act and buy.

Urgency is what Thrive Ultimatum is all about.

Apart from the generous and stylish templates, you can also create your own custom ones if you wish.

The templates include Christmas specials, 7-Day Deals, end-of-month specials, countdown timers, and Evergreen timers.

The timers follow the visitor's IP. addresses so that they still tick correctly for every individual, even if you change browser, etc., and much more.

Thrive Apprentice

Thrive Apprentice Dashboard


Thrive Apprentice is a learning management add-on, with which you can create online course platforms.

Creating video training and lessons has never been so easy to design and set up.

It offers several functions, from the organization by modules and chapters to progress tracking and other new features.

With Thrive Apprentice you can check from your WordPress dashboard the progress of your students, as well as combine it with your other web spaces.

Everything has been designed to work with all other themes and will integrate with all major membership plugins for example SendOwl, WooCommerce, and ThriveCart review.

thrive apprentice latest update videoJanuary-2024

thrive apprentice latest update video January-2024

Thrive comments

Comments on a page are an important way to build an engaged community whilst improving SEO scores.

Thrive Comments Dashboard

Thrive Comments is a Thrive Themes plugin designed to replace native WordPress comments and provide more modern and effective options.

Depending on whether someone comments for the first time or if they comment frequently, you can:

  • Customize comment notifications.
  • Enable voting and/or badges on comments.
  • Customize how comments are moderated.
  • Allow users to like a comment, or share a comment on social networks.

Thrive Ovation

Attracting leads or selling a product or service, helps if you give a positive image of your business by having customer reviews or testimonials on your site.

Thrive Ovation is a tool that allows you to save time, by easily automating and integrating testimonials onto your landing pages.

Thrive Automator

Thrive Automator Dashboard

This plugin saves you time by allowing you to automate your blog or marketing tasks with various software and services (such as Mailchimp or shopping carts- SamCart, ThriveCart).

Automation is generated from the WordPress dashboard itself, with illimited use. The interface is very simple, you just have to specify a "trigger", additional parameters (such as a timeout), and finally, an action.

Thrive Suite Pricing

You can access plans for $299 per year or $149 quarterly, which includes all its complete arsenal (Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive, Architect, Thrive Optimize, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive, Apprentice, Thrive Comments, Thrive Ovation, Thrive Automator, and Thrive Leads).

The price includes - Install and use on up to 5 websites, full support 24/7, updates, and access to Thrive University, a series of training courses to help you to get the most from the software.

Note: If you work for clients with multiple websites, you can go with the agency plan, which covers your own sites and all your clients too. The agency plan for up to 50 websites is $599/year.

Pros and cons of Thrive Suite.

Pros and Cons man and women graphics on a green background


  • Offer around 300 templates. You can create pop-ups and exit intent forms. They also have an excellent Facebook community.
  • High focus on conversion rate optimization, with an extensive array of tools tailored for optimization, marketing, and lead generation (most focus on designing pretty websites).
  • Ease of use: The drag-and-drop editor, makes it very easy to create pages and designs, without programmer skills.
  • Frequently updated with new features and state-of-the-art plugin compatibility. 
  • Numerous API integration with other marketing tools and services, make Thrive Suite very hard to beat.
  • Thrive University: This is a complete online course platform, with articles and videos where you will learn everything you need to know about using each of the tools.
  • Thrive Automator : Allows the set up of sophisticated automation triggers and delays (eg. autoresponders, shopping carts, etc) to third-party services, all from the Thrive Suite dashboard.
  • Thrive Clever Widgets: gives you complete control over widget placements using your site's data and rule-based inputs, to only show visitors relevant content to boost website traffic and conversions. 


  • Some say that the templates can look a bit outdated, but from my personal experience, they are constantly adding new templates. For starters, their new block templates and landing page combos are awesome compared to other brands.
  • The Thrive suite visual editor can sometimes appear a little overwhelming for some, especially for newbies, but I wouldn't say it was a deal breaker.
  • Thrive Suite is designed only to work with WordPress, there is not yet a version that works, for example, with Drupal, Joomla, or other similar website platforms.
  • Thrive Suite is oriented toward marketing, that is to say, you can use Thrive Themes for any type of website, but everything is aimed at marketing specialists.
  • Support is generally good, but the response times can be a little slow at times. Fortunately, most of your queries can be resolved 95% of the time using the Thrive university (videos and articles).

Thrive Alternatives

Thrive alternatives-two cogs three graphic figures and two arrows on a purple background

Although today's software industry, still remains competitive, Thrive Suite has still managed to excel as a themes plugin, landing page, and homepage builder.

 Even though some competitors have comparable products, we find that Thrive Suite has the best overall quality, price, and features.

Elementor vs Thrive Suite

If you compared all the pro features of Elementor and its capabilities, they would be the equivalent of thrive themes and thrive architect both combined. Let's compare certain things like their features and pricing.

Elementor vs Thrive-Suite

Elementor's pro features and capabilities would amount to the combined features of both Thrive themes and thrive architect.  Let's compare their features and prices.

Both Elementor and Thrive suite have a good visual drag-and-drop builder, which allows users to create pages without coding.

• Elementor and Thrive Themes make WordPress website design easy, but Thrive Suite has more marketing-focused features to offer.

Elementor popups lack Thrive's A/B testing and analytics. Thrive Suite offers advanced reporting, multi-state subscription forms, and asset delivery.

• Elementor has some cool website designs for your blog or site, but Thrive Suite has amazing themes like Kwik, a lightning-fast marketing theme, or the new bookwise theme for writers.

Thrive Suite lets you build any marketing funnel or page to monetize your blogs or websites including, pop-ups, opt-in forms, exit intent, and virtually any marketing feature you need. Elementor is not very orientated towards marketing funnels.

Elementor is cheaper as a basic page builder at $49 a year, but considering all the up grades and plugins necessary to match the full power of Thrive Suite, the latter would seem a hassle-free deal.

Clickfunnels vs Thrive Suite

Clickfunnels vs thrive suite on blue background

• ClickFunnels is a popular competitor when it comes to all-in-one tools for designing sales funnels. It is a relatively efficient platform and is cloud-based (you don't host it)

• Comparing a sales funnel builder to WordPress plugins makes little sense since both can create powerful conversion funnels with A/B testing, despite their differences.

• both can create powerful conversion funnels with A/B testing, despite their platform differences.

• Technically, ClickFunnels relies on a cloud-based platform which makes it fast and easy to use, however, the trade-off is that you are not 100% in control of your site, since your pages can only be used and hosted on Clickfunnels.

• Thrive Suite products are WordPress plugins that have equal or better features at a much lower cost, with the freedom to move your pages and website to any other WordPress platform.

• For marketers seeking an easy all-in-one funnel-building solution, click funnels would be the choice.

• However, if you are a blogger and need to build a WordPress website site, hands down Thrive Suite is the way to go.

• Pricing: ClickFunnels starts at $97.00/month, which is much higher than Thrive Suite, and it mainly creates sales funnel pages, so you would probably need a third-party WordPress program to create a viable website; as websites are not Clickfunnel's main function.

• Many choose Thrive Themes over ClickFunnels since it costs $1164 per year and Thrive suite only $299 per year.

• Thrive Themes is indeed the best overall option if you want to build a blogging business and be able to build good marketing funnels.

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See also: Clickfunnels Vs Thrive Themes

Why I personally don't use ClickFunnels anymore? 

Disclaimer:  I think ClickFunnels is a great software and in no way am I trying to degrade the product.

It is only my personnel opinion based on my own needs.

   Because it is:

  1. 1
    Quite expensive!
  2. 2
    Can't build a great website or blog (does not work with WordPress plugins)
  3. 3
     ClickFunnels is cloud-hosted, meaning the speed of your pages and technical problems that you might encounter are completely in the hands of ClickFunnels!.
  4. 4
    All your pages belong to ClickFunnels: should you decide to cancel their membership all your valuable funnels and hard work are gone and can't be used on any other platform (It's like the “Hotel California” you can never leave!)
  5. 5
    Unlike thrive, which is WordPress powered, you have the flexibility to create fabulous websites and funnels that all belong to yours truly, even if you decided to move to another WordPress platform, you can still use your pages and website.

From my experience, If you start with a builder e.g. Elementor, like I did, you will inevitably get used to using it and maybe upgrade to the pro version.

But if one day you decide that you are going to grow and do some affiliate marketing you will have to add third-party plugins to be able to get the job done.

Believe me, it is very stressful and above all a "pain in the ass" to transfer to a new platform and start a new learning curve.

That is why I recommend the complete all-in-one ThriveSuite.

I run a big part of my online business with it, for just $299 a year.

That's not to say that I have a few other tools that I need to use e.g. autoresponders, affiliate link tracker, hosting, Thrivecart (for ecommerce), etc.

Optimizepress vs Thrive Themes:

Optimizepress vs Thrive themes blue background

• OptimizePress and Thrive Suite are industry leaders. OptimizePress is quite similar to Thrive Themes.

• Both allow you to create a secure, easy, and free WordPress website.

• OptimizePress like Thrive Themes, including a drag-and-drop builder and some advanced theme customization options like geolocation and display time controls.

• Both products have A/B testing and are mobile-friendly.

• The Thrive Themes options (Kwik Theme) "stack-based templating engine'' loads faster than OptimizePress.

• However, OptimizePress is also no slouch -  The CDN (content delivery network) speeds up OptimizePress websites.

• OptimizePress is more expensive and customer support falls short of Thrive Themes, and which is more cost-effective.

• Thrive Themes is easier to use, configure, and manage compared to OptimizePress.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, Thrive Suite is a very complete, and practical package of all the tools you will ever need, to create a great-looking, fast (Kwik theme) functional website that is sales conversion orientated.

It is an all-in-one solution that will save you a lot of time and money in the long run, compared to other WordPress Page Builders.

Using Thrive Themes as an actual user is no less than an amazing experience; their plugins are worth every penny.

All the add-ons work together, so as to bring you the maximum possible conversions.

Its ability to perform A/B testing so that data-driven decisions can be easily made is not always present in all the other popular builders.

Although it may not be the most inexpensive page builder, it certainly offers great value compared to most of the competition out there.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts-infographics-man thinking in background is blue sky,birds,trees.

If you have read this post, you are probably wondering if this builder is for you!

I will try to explain to you as an affiliate marketer, and blogger, why I am an avid user of Thrive Suite, and how I reason when deciding on a tool for my business.

Firstly you must decide on what you are trying to achieve eg.

1- build a website or blog as a hobby only (not monetizing)

2- build a website or blog to make revenue. (monetize)

3- To do affiliate marketing with the need to build sales funnels, Landing pages, squeeze pages, lead generation pages, or course membership sites without building a website or blog, etc.

If you answered no°1 then I would go for a basic free WordPress builder such as Elementor.

I used Elementor when I first started out; it is a good easy-to-use tool that gets the job done. However, if you want to easily create good contact forms, lead generation forms, sales funnels, etc.

it is clear that it is a very limited and time-consuming option compared to Thrive Suite.

If you answered no°2 Then It is hands down Thrive suite, as the suite has all the necessary tools to build beautiful blogs and to monetize them correctly.

If you choose no°3 then without a doubt, Thrive Suite is all you will ever need. If you have ever thought about making sales funnels and landing pages you probably have considered ClickFunnels at $97/month, just for the basic plan right?

I have used this builder for a while and it is a simple-to-use and effective funnel builder.

However, with Thrive Suite I can easily do everything that clickfunnels can.

Thrive University is a collection of free video training from Thrive, which makes learning simple, since I am not very technically minded.

Since we are not only investing money, we are most importantly investing a lot of our time and energy in learning and setting up new projects.

I sincerely hope that I was of some help to you; I am agreed that choosing a tool is a very important decision and that it has got to be right for you.

If you found my article thrive suite review useful, please help me out by sharing this post on social media, thank you.


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