Wordtune vs Quillbot: Mastering Language Made Simple [2023]

wordtune vs quillbot
• By Chris Manson
• Updated August 22, 2023

Wordtune Vs Quillbot: 2023's Word Revolution! Elevate Expression with these Writing Allies.

Discover Which One Is Worth Your Time And Money!

In 2023, we've moved beyond simply posting anything online.

Thanks to tools like Wordtune and Quillbot, we're refining and showcasing our words like never before.

Think of them as your dependable writing companions, rather than just online editors.

They're there to brainstorm with you, offer guidance, and even nudge you in the right direction when you stray off course.

So, when it comes to Wordtune vs Quillbot, which of these paraphrasing tools stands out as the true champion in the world of writing?

Read this entire article, and we'll carefully examine and highlight key points to help you decide between Wordtune and Quillbot as your ideal writing partner.

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Wordtune vs Quillbot: Key Differences

  • Both Wordtune and QuillBot offer free versions. However, the Wordtune free plan is quite limited, while QuillBot provides some limitations but allows unlimited use.

  • For monthly subscriptions, Wordtune charges $24.99, whereas QuillBot is less expensive at $9.95.

  • Integration-wise, Wordtune supports multiple platforms via a Chrome extension. In contrast, QuillBot offers multi-platform support with a Chrome add-on.

  • In terms of main tool features:

    • Wordtune main features are a paraphraser with two modes, a sentence shortener & expander, and smart synonyms.

    • QuillBot stands out with a paraphraser with five modes, a sentence shortener & expander, a synonym limiter, a word freezer, thesaurus integration, and a mode comparison feature.

  • For additional tools:

    • Wordtune offers a summarizing tool.

    • QuillBot is more extensive, with a summarizer, plagiarism checker, citation generator, grammar checker tool, and a co-writer feature.

Wordtune Overview: Features & Benefits

Wordtune Overview: Features & Benefits

Rewrites & Spices

Wordtune can enhance your text, making it more precise and impactful.

It's useful for various types of content, such as blogs, proposals, and academic papers.

AI Prompts

If you're stuck or need inspiration, AI Prompts give suggestions to get your writing going.

It provides ideas or improves your same idea to help expand or clarify your thoughts.

AI Summaries

This feature summarizes long texts quickly, giving you a concise overview of articles, reports, or other documents.

Text Corrections

Wordtune offers corrections for common grammatical and spelling errors, ensuring your writing is accurate.

Text Recommendations

To improve clarity, Wordtune suggests sentence changes, making it easier for readers to understand.

Enhanced Recommendations and Corrections

As you write, the Wordtune text editor offers suggestions for improving sentences.

It also identifies and corrects grammatical errors and punctuation.

Intelligent Synonym Suggestions

If you're searching for the right word, Wordtune suggests synonyms based on the context of your sentence, helping maintain the natural flow of your text.

wordtune getting started video

New Rewriting Process

Wordtune has introduced improved rewriting options to help better refine and adjust your content.

Quillbot Overview: Features and Benefits

Quillbot Overview- Features and Benefits

 Efficient Writing

No more long hours of staring at a blinking cursor.

QuillBot's paraphrasing tool enables you to rephrase chunks of text quickly, so you can focus on what truly matters: your same message.

Quillbot's vocabulary enhancement feature also helps improve your writing skills.


You can customize your entire text just the way you want it.

With custom settings and eight predefined modes, your writing will always reflect your unique voice.

Plagiarism Checker:

It's easy to overlook a copied phrase or forget a citation accidentally.

But with QuillBot's Plagiarism Checker, you can rest easy knowing every piece you write is original and properly cited.

Tone Insights

Unsure if your email sounds too stern or your report too casual?

QuillBot's Tone insights help you strike the right chord every time, ensuring you're understood and well-received.

Unlimited Words

Quillbot allows unlimited word paraphrasing, expansive summarizing capabilities, and a Synonym Slider that brings out the wordsmith in you.

Diverse Writing Modes

From drafting a professional report in 'Formal' mode to crafting an easy-to-read article in 'Simple' mode, QuillBot has the perfect style for every occasion.

Compare Modes

You can evolve your drafts seamlessly.

With the Compare Modes feature, you can view different versions of your text and select what resonates best.

Group Work

Are you managing a group of writers?

QuillBot Premium for teams offers collective subscriptions, letting you and your team stay on the same page - literally and figuratively.

Grammar Checker

You can now say goodbye to annoying typos and grammar mistakes and hello to fresh Quillbot's grammar check.

With writing tools like Grammar Checker, Punctuation Checker, and more, your text will always be in its Sunday best.

Citations Generator

QuillBot's citation generators effortlessly format your references, making academic writing a breeze.

Comparison: Quillbot vs Wordtune

Similarities Between the Two Platforms

Core Functionality

Both QuillBot and WordTune primarily function as paraphrasing tools, aiding users in rewording their content to make it more original or to achieve a different tone or style.

Web-Based Platforms

In the "Wordtune vs Quillbot" comparison, both platforms operate primarily as web-based applications, allowing users to access their services directly through browsers without needing standalone desktop applications.

Browser Chrome Extension

QuillBot and WordTune offer browser extensions as a writing tool to enhance user convenience, especially when working on platforms like Google Docs in Google Chrome.

This feature ensures users can utilize the tools seamlessly while working online.

Integration with Word Processors

QuillBot and WordTune recognize the importance of integrating with popular word-processing software.

Both platforms offer integration with Microsoft Word online, making it easier for users to rewrite or edit their content directly within their documents.

Free Versions

Understanding the need for user trials, both platforms provide free or demo versions.

This allows potential users to test the basic features before deciding on a premium subscription.

Premium Offerings

To cater to heavy users or professionals, both QuillBot and WordTune have premium versions.

These premium versions unlock additional features, offer unlimited or increased word limits, and often improve the quality of the paraphrased content.

Focus on Readability

Both platforms not only focus on paraphrasing but also emphasize the readability of the rewritten text.

This ensures that the output is unique, easy to understand, and engaging for readers.

Tone and Style Options

Recognizing the diverse needs of content creators, both platforms offer different features that let users choose the tone (casual and formal tone) or style of the rephrased content.

This could range from formal to casual, informative to persuasive.

Continuous Updates

Staying ahead in the competitive landscape, QuillBot and WordTune regularly update their algorithms and features.

This ensures users receive the best possible content suggestions and improvements over time.

Differences That Set Them Apart

Feature Set

  • QuillBot: Offers a variety of features beyond its better paraphrasing tool, such as a plagiarism checker, grammar checker, and direct upload. The tool functions as an all-in-one solution for content writers.

  • WordTune: Focuses more on the paraphrasing aspect, offering a unique translator tool that benefits non-native speakers.

Daily Usage Limit on Free Plan

  • QuillBot: It doesn't impose a stringent daily usage limit for free users.

  • WordTune: Restricts free users with a daily usage limit, which might be a drawback for some.

Output Options

  • QuillBot: Typically provides one paraphrased result based on the chosen mode or setting.

  • WordTune: Offers multiple rewritten options, allowing users to choose from up to 10 variations of the input text.

Pricing Structure

  • QuillBot: Offers a more affordable pricing model with monthly, semi-annual, and annual plans. They also have a money-back guarantee, giving users peace of mind.

  • WordTune: Priced higher than QuillBot, especially in monthly and annual subscription rates. No refunds are offered on the Wordtune premium plans.

Refund Policy

  • QuillBot: Provides a refund policy where unsatisfied users can get their money back within three days of purchase.

  • WordTune: Has a more stringent approach, offering no refunds on their subscription plans.

Demo Version Features

  • QuillBot: The demo version is robust, allowing users to rephrase and access tools like grammar checkers and text summarizers.

  • WordTune: Though the Wordtune editor has a generous word limit for rewriting in its free version, it lacks the additional features seen in QuillBot's free version.

Desktop App Availability

  • QuillBot: Primarily a web-based tool with browser extensions for added convenience.

  • WordTune: Apart from being web-based and having browser extensions, WordTune also provides a desktop app for users.

User Interface and Experience Comparison: Quillbot vs Wordtune

Wordtune's User Interface

Wordtune's User Interface
  • Layout and Design: Wordtune presents a streamlined text editor interface with an editable canvas for users to key in their text. The rewriting functionalities are intuitively positioned in a horizontal alignment at the top.

  • Recommendation Panel: On the right of the Wordtune editor, it proactively suggests enhancements for clarity, fluency, and overall readability.

  • Extension Functionality: When integrated with platforms like Google Docs through its extension, users need to highlight the desired text and click the Wordtune icon. This action generates multiple paraphrasing variations, allowing users to choose the most fitting version.

QuillBot's User Interface

QuillBot's User Interface

  • Dual-pane Display: Only the QuillBot editor stands out with its dual-pane layout. Users paste or type in the original text on the left, and the paraphrased content dynamically emerges on the right.

  • Feature Accessibility: Paraphrasing controls are neatly structured at the top, including a unique slider feature that lets users dictate the extent of synonym usage.

  • Navigation and Tools: An expandable navigation pane on the left houses the suite of tools, each icon designed for easy comprehension.

  • Conclusion on UI: QuillBot takes the upper hand with a design that prioritizes user experience. The juxtaposition of original and rewritten content facilitates an efficient comparison.

Winner: QuillBot, for its intuitive and logical user interface.

Pricing Models And Available Plans



For those seeking to elevate their writing prowess, Wordtune offers unique AI-driven capabilities.

Let's delve into the pricing structures they've laid out:

Free Plan

Price: Absolutely $0.00 per month.


  • 10 Rewrites and Spices daily.

  • 3 AI Prompts daily.

  • 3 Summaries daily.

  • Unlimited Text Corrections.

Plus Plan

Price: $24.99, monthly subscription.


  • 30 Rewrites and Spices daily.

  • 5 AI Prompts daily.

  • 5 Summaries daily.

  • Unlimited Text Corrections.

  • Unlimited Text Recommendations.

Unlimited Plan

Price: $37.50, monthly subscription. 


  • Unlimited access to Rewrites and Spices.

  • Unlimited AI Prompts.

  • Unlimited Summaries.

  • Unlimited Text Corrections.

  • Unlimited Text Recommendations.

  • Premium Customer Support.

Business Plan

Price: Contact Wordtune customer support


  • Unlimited rewrites and Spices.

  • Unlimited AI Prompts.

  • Unlimited Summaries.

  • Unlimited Text Corrections.

  • Unlimited Text Recommendations.

  • Premium Customer Support.

  • Exclusive Premium Billing Options.



For writers and content creators constantly needing fresh ways to express ideas, QuillBot stands out as a viable solution. Let's dive into its pricing plans:

Free Plan

Price: Absolutely $0.00 per month.


  • Offers rewrite tools

  • Allows only a Few words (Up to 125) at a time with access to Standard and Fluency modes.

  • Limited functionality.

  • You can freeze a single word to prevent it from being changed.

  • Summarize up to 1,200 words.

Premium Plan

Price: $24.99 monthly.


  • Unlimited words with both custom and eight predefined modes.

  • Complete, unrestricted use.

  •  An unlimited option to freeze multiple words.

  • Extended capacity to summarize up to 6,000 words.

  • Enhanced, faster content generation.

  • Get expert-suggested rewrites for improved content.

  • Various modes for a holistic review.

  • Safety first, with checks for up to 20 monthly pages.

  • Analyze the tone of your text for better alignment with your message.

  • Keep track of all your paraphrasing tasks and edits.

Winner: QuillBot offers more value for money with its feature-packed yet affordable plans.

Use Cases and Scenarios

Overall Features

  • QuillBot: Provides multiple tools, including a plagiarism checker, grammar checker, and direct upload.

  • WordTune: Excels in its translator tool, aiding non-native speakers.

Our Take: With its wide array of features, QuillBot is a comprehensive content-writing tool, especially with its single-platform approach.

Usage Limitation

  • QuillBot: No daily use restrictions.
  • WordTune: Limited usage in its free plan.

Our Take

QuillBot leads the way with unrestricted daily use.

Plagiarism Analysis

  • Method: Used Grammarly to determine the uniqueness of the content spun by both tools.
  • Performance: Both tools effectively paraphrased content from blog articles to Reports.

Our Take: It's a tie between QuillBot and WordTune, both delivering impressive results.

Readability Assessment

  • Method: Checked content from both tools using the Grammarly editor.
  • Result: QuillBot and WordTune both achieved a good readability score.

Quillbot Result on Checked Grammarly:

Quillbot Result on Checked Grammarly

Wordtune Result on Grammarly:

Wordtune Result on Grammarly

Our Take: 


has a slight advantage with a better paraphrasing tool and readability.

Accuracy in Text

  • Method: The paraphrased version mostly doesn't have the same sentence structure, so we used Grammarly to assess the text accuracy of both tools.
  • Performance: Both yielded some errors.

Our Take: WordTune reigns supreme with fewer accuracy errors.


  • QuillBot:
    • Allows up to 125-word rephrasing.
    • Provides two free modes: Standard and Fluency.
    • Incorporates a synonym adjuster, grammar checker, and entire text summarizer.
  • WordTune:
    • Offers a 280-word limit for rephrasing.
    • Gives ten different rephrased content options.

Our Take: QuillBot provides a more comprehensive demo experience.

Integration Possibilities

  • QuillBot: Integrates with Doc and Microsoft Word and offers a Google chrome extension.
  • WordTune: Wordtune seamlessly integrates Gmail, Microsoft Word, and google chrome extensions and also has a desktop app.

Our Take: It's a tie. Both QuillBot and WordTune provide robust integration capabilities.

When to use Wordtune

Editing Blog Posts or Articles

Wordtune excels when you want to fine-tune and polish your written content.

It suggests making your blog posts or articles more engaging, readable, and fluent. Its AI-driven recommendation to create high-quality content.

Whether you're looking to make your introductions more compelling or seeking varied ways to present an argument, Wordtune can be an invaluable asset.

Crafting Professional Emails

Clear and effective communication is paramount when sending professional emails.

Wordtune ensures that your emails are precise, free of ambiguity, and well-structured.

Whether you're reaching out to a client, addressing your team, or communicating with stakeholders, Wordtune can assist in making your emails sound more polished and professional.

Academic Writing and Assignments

For students writing research papers, maintaining the integrity of academic work while ensuring clarity and coherence is crucial.

Wordtune can assist in refining academic papers, essays, and assignments.

Its AI-driven engine can provide synonyms, rephrase sentences, and even offer tone adjustments to ensure your educational content is top-notch.

When to use Quillbot

Generating Content for Marketing

In the marketing world, producing fresh and engaging content regularly is essential.

Quillbot's paraphrasing tool can assist marketers in rephrasing existing content or generating new variations for different marketing campaigns.

This can be especially useful when avoiding redundancy or adapting a single piece of content for multiple platforms.

Crafting Social Media Posts

Social media demands catchy and concise content.

Quillbot can help you reshape longer content into shorter, snappier social media posts.

With its various modes, you can enhance your same message to resonate with different social media audiences, ensuring maximum engagement.

Adapting Content to Specific Audiences

Different audiences require different writing tones, language nuances, and content structures.

Quillbot shines in its ability to adapt content to resonate with varied audiences.

Whether you're looking to make your content more formal, informal, or geared towards a particular demographic, Quillbot's different paraphrasing modes can assist in restructuring your content to suit your target audience's preferences.

User Reviews and Testimonials: Quillbot vs Wordtune

Wordtune Testimonials

Wordtune Testimonials 1
Wordtune Testimonials 2
Wordtune Testimonials 3

Quillbot Testimonials

Quillbot Testimonials 1
Quillbot Testimonials 2
Quillbot Testimonials 3

Our Take: Quillbot vs Wordtune

When diving deep into AI-driven content tools, Wordtune and Quillbot undoubtedly stand out as two of the industry's leading players. 

Both offer exceptional capabilities, but each excels in different areas.

Here's our comparative take on these two giants:

  • While Wordtune offers a straightforward interface, especially beneficial for those who seek simplicity, Quillbot takes the edge with its dual-pane display.

    The side-by-side comparison provided by Quillbot is a blessing for users to assess and pick the best content variations quickly.

  • Wordtune shines when refining existing content, making it an ideal choice for academic writing, professional emails, and editing blog posts. Its emphasis on maintaining originality while enhancing readability and fluency is commendable.

  • On the other hand, Quillbot, with its many modes, is versatile, catering to a broader range of needs. Whether generating snappy social media content, adapting text for different audiences, or producing marketing material, Quillbot stands strong.

Both platforms offer free versions, but they differ significantly in premium offerings.

Wordtune's plans scale based on the extent of features and usage limits, while Quillbot's premium package offers a comprehensive set of tools, from a plagiarism checker to tone insights.

Your choice would depend on whether you want specific features or an all-inclusive package.

To Round up This Quillbot And Wordtune Comparison:

The choice between Wordtune and Quillbot software isn't clear-cut.

It's more about understanding your needs and how each platform can cater to them.

Our Take: For refined and polished writing, Wordtune is the way to go.

For versatility, paraphrasing, and broader content-modeling capabilities, Quillbot leads the way.

As always, trying both tools and seeing which suits more your workflow and requirements is advisable.


FAQ frequently asked-questions, infographic yellow words FAQ, on blue pink background with -transparent question mark.

What is the limitation of QuillBot?

QuillBot's free version has several limitations, including a word limit for paraphrasing, limited access to different paraphrasing modes, and restricted usage of the synonym slider.

Some advanced features, like the plagiarism checker, are also reserved for premium users.

What is the main benefit of using QuillBot?

It's an all-in-one tool, but its primary benefit of using QuillBot is its ability to rephrase content effectively, making it sound natural and fluent.

With multiple paraphrasing modes available, users can adapt the output to fit a variety of writing tones and styles, making it versatile for different writing needs.

How accurate is QuillBot?

QuillBot is pretty accurate in its paraphrasing abilities.

While no tool is perfect, QuillBot often delivers coherent and contextually relevant rewrites.

However, reviewing and possibly editing the output is always recommended to ensure it aligns with the desired message and context.

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